How to Make Your Personality Shine in a Personal Statement Writing

Personal Statement Writing

Many of our customers find that writing a personal essay or a personal reflection essay are nightmarish activities. Often, the only guidance given is to provide a unique piece about yourself in words that don’t exceed a few hundred. In other cases, the essay is based on a very particular question that has to be answered in a very specific manner for the writer to have any chance of success. Because this type of custom work is very important, many students baulk at the thought of it. However, we have a team of writers who provide a level of professional essay help to surmount any challenge and our prices are surprisingly cheap.

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Writing personal narrative essays is quite a serious task because these types of papers reflect an individual’s uniqueness in the following ways:  

  • How professional the individual is;
  • How well the individual is able to learn from past experiences;
  • How willing the individual is to learn by experience;
  • Describes any unique events in the individual’s experience that may contribute to the college;
  • Describes what motivates the individual and their objectives;
  • Describes the individual’s ambitions and plans for success.
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Convey a Strong Message in Writing a Personal Statement

When writing a personal essay, the character of the individual should be clearly shown and the paper should send a strong message that the individual will add value to the college they are applying to. Despite such an opportunity to describe themselves, many students often find it difficult to know what to include in meeting the requirements of this type of paper. If a specific or direct question is asked, a lot of students just don’t know how to describe their unique characteristics when trying to fit the items listed above in the confines of an essay. Here, personal essay samples may be useful as a guide.        

Helping Each Individual with Their Personal Narrative Essays

The expert writers at our company work with each student on a personal level when they buy a paper in order to craft a well-structured admissions essay aimed at the admissions panel of their preferred college. Working on a one-to-one basis like this, our writers can ask for additional information, even more detail than would be required in other types of custom assignments.

Academic Ambitions

  • What educational establishments did you previously attend?
  • What courses did you take?
  • What course do you intend to take?
  • What colleges do you prefer?

What Experience Do You Have?

  • Important memories from your childhood, in a generalized sense;
  • Important national and international events that have had an impact on you personally;
  • Important events that happened recently and affected you.

Have You Any Experience in a Professional Capacity?

  • What jobs have you had?
  • What were your responsibilities?
  • What did you learn?

What Interests You in a Personal Sense?

  • Childhood interests and hobbies;
  • What do you do in your spare time?
  • Are you a voluntary member of any organization? 
  • What are your aspirations in the long-term?

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It may be that not all of these details will be needed, but whatever information you provide is between you and the person helping you write your paper. This information is treated in the strictest of confidence.

While it may be your writer who is putting the words together, it is done very attentively to ensure the completed paper is an accurate statement about your unique character and personality.

We treat all orders for personal narrative essays with a high level of professionalism as applies to all papers provided by our online writing service. Roughly, there are three elements to our service, writing, proofreading and editing. Writing should be an obvious service where our writer contributes to all phases of your written paper at a reasonable price. Proofreading and editing are a means of tidying up any shoddy work in terms of spelling and grammar and, editing in particular, means evaluating your written work to ensure it is properly structured and organized and sleekly presented.

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