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Statistics shows that our company stays among the leaders in the custom writing market. To make our company even more special, we have decided to design a special affiliate program apart from merely providing excellent writing services. The affiliate program we recommend to our customers so that they could finally earn more money. We view that this program is a symbol how committed we are to each client we get on a daily basis and to loyal customers who have been staying with us for so long. We also aim to provide an appraisal to each customer who decides to order from us and stay with us for long. On the whole, the affiliate program is an excellent opportunity to earn the money while using our custom writing, editing, and formatting services. As such, you will not only be able to excel academically but also get some profits.

In case you are speculating about collaboration with our company, keep in account that you will not only get writing service that you require but will also get a chance to spread information about in the society.

Offers from Our Company

  • You are guaranteed 10% bonus for every single order purchased from by your friends or classmates.
  • Each person whom you have told about our company is guaranteed to get a discount equaling to 17% for the first order placement.

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How the Affiliate Program Works:

  • Enter your personal cabinet by inserting your login and password. Once you are there, open the section named “Affiliate Program”.
  • Take a look at the following details: promo code (it is unique and individual for each person), “My friends’ emails”*, and a link to the affiliate program.
  • Copy the aforementioned link to the affiliate program and forward it to people who might find our custom writing service useful and needed.
  • Each person who has visited the link sent by you will be included to the customers’ base of our company.
  • When this person uses the promo code when ordering the first paper from, the discount will be applied automatically.



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*This email sending field is entitled to be used for email addresses of your friends, acquaintances or classmates who you made familiar with our custom writing company. The email they get will provide a brief and detailed explanation how our company functions and what services it provides.

Advantages of Our Company’s Affiliate Program

The program lies in the principle of getting bonuses for each paper ordered by people who received the affiliate link from you. The more people, whom you recommended our company, order from us, the more bonuses you will have. The bonuses can be accumulated over time in your private account and can be used for payment. Another option is to pay with the bonuses partially.

One more option to use the bonuses is to withdraw them from your personal account via money transfer.

Do not hesitate and use our affiliate program. You will get excellent custom writing service as well as money profit!

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