Modern Energy Conversion Technologies

Renewable energy refers to such a kind of energy that is safe to the environment and that is not finite. Renewable energy sources include biomass, geothermal power, hydroelectric power, and the wind and solar power. We live in the age where the environment is so badly damaged by the exploitation of energy sources that the lives of future generations are in danger. Therefore, the campaign for educating the world about the need to use renewable energy sources is motivated by the need to save the environment, the world’s economy, and people’s health, and more importantly, a sustainable future.

The Benefits of Alternative Sources of Energy

One of the major advantages of renewable energy over other forms is the fact that it is environmentally friendly and sustainable in nature. This energy is tapped directly from nature without bringing any harm to the environment. Further, the inability to contribute to greenhouse effect and emit carbons to the environment make it very safe for the consumption by humans and the environment in general (CFF, n.p). At the same time, a heavy reliance of energy from fossil fuels has  proven to cause great damage to the environment because of the high levels of emission of greenhouse gasses, sulphur, and carbon (CFF, n.p). When these gasses go into the atmosphere, they form acidic rains that are responsible for the rusting of metal and death of plants, which makes fossil fuels the source of energy, unfriendly to the environment. Alternative energy sources, on the other hand, promote environmental conservation by minimizing air pollution and increasing the sustainability of energy.

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Secondly, unlike traditional sources, the alternative ones are renewable, which minimizes the chances of their future depletion. The energy from fossils, such as oil, coal, and gas, is limited by their very nature; therefore, it will get depleted one day, leaving the world in crisis (CFF, n.p). The earlier the human race switches to renewable sources of energy, the better. This change of sources is important because while saving the environment, people are assured of a steady supply of power in the future (Tan et al. 798). The water, the sun, the wind, and the heat from the earth’s core exist as long as the world exists; therefore, producing energy from these sources is long lasting.

Thirdly, unlike fossil energy sources, alternative ones are quite. Today, the use of fossil energy has caused great disputes that threaten the very existence of human beings. These disputes arise from the trade, nuclear energy, and the economy. Countries fight for these resources as they become the reason of wars and political unrests in many countries (Hodge 45). At the same time, the proponents of fossil energy argue that the change in climate would greatly affect the future supply of energy (CFF, n.p). The proponents of alternative sources of energy counter this claim by stating that climate varies from one place to another at different times; therefore, the use of renewable energy throughout a large geographical area would provide a steady source of power.



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Fourth, the use of alternative sources of energy leads to the creation of numerous job opportunities. The fact that alternative sources of energy are cheaper makes its exploitation more beneficial to people (Hodge 45). Therefore, the use of alternative sources of energy is likely to create very many stable jobs. The United Kingdom and Germany have already led the way for the use of energy conversion systems and many jobs have been created so far.

The use of alternative energy sources has also caused prices for the majority of energy sources to go down, thus making them a bit affordable to people. One of the major reasons for the reduction of prices is the fact that alternative sources of energy only require installation costs (Lee et al. 23). At the same time, prices for the energy derived from fossils fluctuate, depending on inflation, which causes significant price increases sometimes and makes the cost of energy unmanageable for many people. Apart from this, renewable energy sources do not require high maintenance costs. Therefore, their owners have an opportunity to get a very high-profit margin as opposed to the energy, produced from fossil fuels.

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The use of alternative sources of energy further enables human beings to live a good life free of diseases because these sources are health-friendly. The energy derived from the fossils, on the other hand, has been found to cause cancer, heart attacks, and neurological disorders, and these diseases are very dangerous and destructive to the human body (Stigka et al. 105). At the same time, alternative energy has been found to be absolutely safe for human life. Since in the USA, for example, much of the budget goes towards healthcare and mostly the cure of these diseases, the government will have an opportunity to save much money with the use of alternative energy sources in the country.

Lastly, the energy produced through alternative means considers the needs of the countryside people, thus empowering them (Ortega-Izquierdo and del Río 374). Most of this energy is generated from rural areas and some portion of it supplied to urban centers. Therefore, the revenue can go towards supporting the rural people by uplifting them socially and economically.

Detriments of Alternative Energy

While the alternative energy has a vast number of advantages over the energy derived from the fossils, it also has several disadvantages. First, these energy sources are still new on the market, which means that investors do not trust them much (Lee et al. 23). As a result, most of these people are afraid to invest in this business because of uncertainties. Secondly, the great reliance on the natural climate conditions makes alternative energy more unreliable because in the eventuality of bad weather conditions, the production of energy will be affected and people will lack electricity (Lee et al. 23). Thirdly, the production levels of power are minimal and incapable of serving a very large number of people. Because of the high production levels of fossil energy, modern world still finds difficult to have a total reliance on alternative sources of energy.

However, as earlier stated, these disadvantages are insignificant as compared to the advantages. Therefore, the government must develop the initiatives of boosting the use of alternative sources of energy. Further, I would like to persuade the local populations, especially in rural areas, to embrace alternative energy because it is cheap and affordable. Moreover, due to its less significant impact on health, it is better suited for people. However, it is the duty of every person to conserve the environment for a clean and healthy interaction with nature and for the purpose of securing the future for our children. It should be understood that our negligence in conserving the environment today will automatically transform into a bad life for the future generations.

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From the above discussion, it is plausible to conclude that indeed, while there are several disadvantages affecting the use and development of alternative energy, numerous advantages should prompt people to switch from the use of fossil energy. This will also make energy cheaper and eco-friendly. As a result, the government will have less to spend on the medical bills for cancer and heart patients. In this regard, I want to persuade all people to embrace alternative energy to not only minimize energy expenditures but make their health better and healthcare bills affordable.

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