Islamization and European Culture

For several decades, socio-economic and demographic issues forced EU countries to legalize and even promote immigration from Muslim countries. European politicians have supported the ideas of tolerance, which are incompatible with the point of view that Europe and Islam are two antipodal, initially hostile antagonistic civilizations. However, there is a prevailing view that the integration of the Muslim community in the European society will contribute to the rapprochement of the Christian and Islamic civilizations.

Statistic Data on Islamization

In the twentieth century, world population has increased fourfold and exceeded seven billion people. A characteristic feature of the demographic processes of the last decades has been the rapid growth of the Muslim population. Since 1990, the number of Muslims has increased from 880 million to 1 billion people around the world. Islam has become the fastest growing religion by the number of adherents (O’Brien 54). According to forecasts, by 2030, there will be at least two billion Muslims, which means a quarter with an 8 billion people world population (O’Brien 55).

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Today, Islam is already the second largest world religion after Christianity by the number of followers. Muslim communities exist in more than 120 countries. In 35 of them, they account for over 80% of the population (O’Brien 55). In Europe, the number of Muslims is growing rapidly. The largest Muslim community is in France, where Islam has become the second-largest religion after Catholicism. Here, it accounts for 10% of the total population (Rodgers 30). Significant Muslim communities are scattered in all countries of Western Europe without exception. Muslim neighborhoods and suburbs have appeared in Paris, Berlin, London, and many other European cities. Many communities of the followers of Islam have formed in Germany (4 million), The UK (1.7 million), Italy and the Netherlands (1 million). Currently, from 15 to 24 million Muslims are living in Western Europe (Rodgers 32). It is worth noting that the actual number of Muslims in Western Europe is unknown because, in addition to legal immigrants and their descendants who live there, there are many illegal ones, who are not found in the official statistics.



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Evidence of Islamization of Europe

The Impossibility of Integration

The idea of integration of Muslims into European civilization is not dominant among Muslims. On the contrary, more and more Muslim immigrants and their descendants refuse to integrate into European society. Those who want to integrate can do and have done it. However, Koran definitely forbids this. In Islam, other religions are regarded with hostility that does not exist in Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Judaism, etc. In Europe, the institutions and laws are created by human, meanwhile Sharia, which is the source of law, is dictated by Allah (Tolan et al. 66).

The dominant view among Muslims involves a dialogue with non-Muslims. However, at the same time, the idea of Muslims isolated from Western civilization and living in Europe is extremely popular. According to the widespread Muslim view, Muslims should have their own small society within the larger society, because otherwise they will dissolve in it like salt in water (Tolan 67).Thus, the categorical unwillingness of the Muslim diaspora to assimilate, as well as the steady radicalization of youth and the growing popularity of extremist and terrorist movements in the Islamic world show that Europe will be subjected to Islamization.

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The Decline of Christianity

The decline of Europe due to Islamization will occur without a doubt. This process can not be stopped since the Islamization of the nations progresses too quickly. Today, Europe has become weak in spirit, fallen into apathy, and failed to resist from the inside. Europe has already been conquered by Islam though it is not aware of this fact yet. As a result, in the near future the Muslims will inevitably subjugate Europe. The Europeans have lost faith in their civilization. They lost faith in their own culture. The number of parishioners of Christian churches has significantly decreased recently (Leiken 43). The Europeans surrendered to Islam, promoting the policy of political correctness and multiculturalism. Attenuation of belief necessarily entails the destruction of civilization because atheists do not believe in the afterlife. They appreciate their lives and, therefore, do not want to expose it to danger for the sake of something else. When facing a choice to submit or fight, Europe would prefer Islamization.


The high birth rate among Muslims is the first factor that strengthens the role of Islam in Europe. Demographics calls into question the viability of the traditional European population on a purely physical level. A demographic crisis has occurred in every European country. The number of Muslims increases naturally. Demographers predict that by 2015 the number of Muslims in Europe will double due to high birth rates and mass immigration from North Africa and the Middle East (Bawer 44). In the long term, this trend means extinction of the current population or drastic upgrading and replacing it with another population. Thus, the demographic trends of recent years clearly show that in 50 or 100 years, Europe will probably be mostly populated by very different people.

Demographic statistics shows that the indigenous population of Europe is dying out uncontrollably while the Muslim diaspora is growing rapidly due to high birth rates and a continuous influx of immigrants. It is equally important to understand the facts behind the statistics. Refusing to breed, Europeans can not influence the future. Moreover, the reluctance to have children clearly shows indifference to the future. Since Europeans demographically abandoned the future, there is no sense for them to fight for it.

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In recent years, in the European Union, the average birth rate gradually fell to 1.43 children per woman, meanwhile, the level required for recovery is no less than 2.1 (Bawer 49). The birth rate in Muslim families tends to be higher than in European ones. Because of the low birth rate, the EU needs to support the overall population growth. It can be achieved with the help of increased immigration that determines the attractiveness of the EU for immigrants and demand for labor of the European economy. Immigrants become part of European society and change it. As a result, Europe is no longer European in the traditional sense of the word. The most popular name among newborn children in London is Muhammad (Deacon).

The best solution would be to try to stop the trend and return Europe to the level of self-renewal of independence from further inflow of immigrants. For this purpose, the Europeans need to change their consumer culture, begin to return to healthy family and traditional values, stop living only for the sake of material benefits and take better care of the demographic future of their own societies. Although this task can be realistic at an individual level, it seems unreal at the public level due to the fact that Europe is an environment where there is no time for educational work and waiting for its results.


There is also an opposite view contrary to predicting the imminent end of Europe. According to it, the Europeans will tolerate the Muslims only for a while, giving them menial jobs that the native population shuns. However, when the indigenous people feel the real threat posed by the Islamic diaspora, they will remember their ferocious history. A long list of acts of genocide which are abundant in European history can be remembered: from the ubiquitous pogroms and expulsion of Jews and Moors from Spain to the destruction of the French Huguenots and the ethnic cleansing of the past century. Muslims will not fail to conquer Europe with the demographic weapons. Their days end on the continent. Arabs, Kurds, and Turks will in jeopardy of total extermination (Younos 77). According to this point of view, all the dire predictions of impending destruction Europe and its inevitable conquest by the forces of Islam are based on ignorance regarding European history and an underestimation of the extent of ineradicable violence evident in the European history.

This point of view may be taken into account in case the population of Europe retained their medieval habits. However, times are changing, and mores are changing as well. It is difficult to find grounds to believe that today’s Europeans are ready to fight for their civilization with the same ruthless ferocity with which they were defended by their ancestors. Supporters of this point of view appeal to history not wanting to look into the eyes of reality and see how far atheism, socialism, and utopian pacifism has spread in Western Europe during the past years.

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Moreover, even historical evidence of the militancy of the population of Europe can be significantly doubted. With this regards, the periodic beatings of small Jewish communities, consisting purely of peaceful, frightened people, who were prohibited from carrying weapons by the law, seem very weak and simply ridiculous examples. Indeed, the whole Europe was engaged in religious wars by the times. However, participants of those wars were inspired by fanatical faith and, accordingly, a fierce hatred of heretics and infidels. The confrontation was primarily religious in nature. Christians were not only equal but superior to the enemy in the degree of fanaticism and willingness to go to any lengths for the triumph of their faith. Today, European Christianity experiences a period of decline. Nowadays, only Islam is alive and developed in Europe. It is hard to imagine that the skeptics and atheists will fight and die for their cultural values. To put their lives on the line, the Europeans need to believe in something; meanwhile, faith is dead in Europe.


In the minds of almost everyone, there is a clear line between the Eastern and Western worlds. Europe is represented as an area, governed by the legislation and traditions, which can easily provide its citizens with a stable life. On the other hand, East is seen as a peaceful area full of social contracts, which are not amenable to the logic of Europeans and not similar to their way of life and Islamization. In near future, some European countries may become Muslim. In any case, the role of Islam will significantly increase. Moreover, the current demographic situation makes it clear that sooner or later Western Europe will be part of the Islamic world. The increase in the proportion of Muslims will sooner or later lead to a change in the constitutional order of the European states. The more Muslim will enter Europe, the higher the probability of displacement of European norms and values and non-European way of life is.

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