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I am 51 year old, disabled for eight years and divorced. I grew up with a father who was a preacher. I have a low but fixed income. I have faced various challenges since the time that I was in school. I lost my sister in august 2009 then I was also hospitalized the day that my sister died after suffering from two blood clots one in each lung, in guarded condition; more to that, I lost a friend who was a mentor two years ago. Despite all these challenges, I have maintained a 3.7 grade average.


In my first semester, in Kaplan University, I attained an average grade of 4.0 still being able to attain 3.7-grade average. For now, I have one semester left before I attain an associate of applied science in computer information network administration. I have a plan to remain in school after I graduate so that I can attain a degree in criminal justice computer crimes. I need to take a major in criminal justice and a minor in information technology. I also have a desire to continue with my education after this so that I can attain a Masters degree. I would also apply for an internship in the criminal justice field so that I can obtain at least a part time job after completing my internship.

I have had great achievements. I appeared in the president list during the first semester, and I have appeared in the dean’s list every semester. I have also managed to maintain a grade point average. I have also written a manual on how computer works and hope to publish the manual.

I have a passion in helping the unfortunate members of the society. I usually rebuild computers and donate them to people who are trying to better their lives by going back to school. I am also a volunteer in my grandson’s school. I spend three times a week helping with class work and in field trips.


I have learnt to overcome obstacles since the time I became disabled. I have grown from being a depressed person who had no hopes and dreams of having a good life. Now I know that am able to overcome anything that comes on my way towards getting my degree. Despite that fact that I do not have money I have great faith that I will find a way to make it. Since I understand that, “Ability is what you’re capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do. Attitude determines how well you do it.” It is with this passion that I make the application to offered scholarship so that I can realize my dream.

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