Scholarship in Nursing

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At a tender age, I experienced life-threatening illness in my family. Since then, I realized the importance of compassion and support by watching my mother suffer from the illness. I understood the significance of a smile and reassurance from a medical care practitioner to the patient and his/her family. The experience sparked my interest in nursing, and recent encounters enhanced the passion even more. For example, nurses play a significant role in community health programs. I realize that the nursing profession requires not only technical qualification, but also interpersonal communication skills to inspire hope to the patient and his/her family members. As a result, the scholarship will mean much to my life as well as my family.


The most significant part of nursing is patient care. Efficient practical care results from an adequate training. Furthermore, knowledge translates to better opportunities in life. Secondly, good knowledge leads to effective professional control over different situations. I aspire to motivate others who wish to pursue career in the field and actively participate in patient and community advocacy programs. Sacrificing my time to changing or saving lives motivates me to reach success as a nurse. As a result, I intend to utilize the opportunity offered by the scholarship in achieving the above-mentioned goals.


This scholarship will mean a lot in my life and profession. I believe that it will strengthen my efforts to successfully complete the nursing training. For example, it will help me meet my financial needs and, therefore, have uninterrupted academic program. Additionally, instead of working all summer to save money, I will attend training courses hence having enough time to develop my professional skills. As a result, it will enable me to timely finish the course. As a result, to embark on this significant opportunity, I rely on the scholarship and grant. In essence, it will allow me to receive excellent education in a reputable institution and apply this knowledge in pursuing the career of my dream.

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