Scholarship in Dentistry

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From the early years we are taught and encouraged to pursue our hopes and dreams. For some people family becomes a priority, for the others – education and career. Nowadays the combination of these polar goals becomes more and more popular. The worst outcome is when a person does not want to reach either of them and remains stable and inactive throughout life. This is definitely not my case, for my aims make me enthusiastic. My prerogative right now is to combine studying and obtaining practical skills.


The sphere of my interest is dentistry. Although I am currently majoring in biology, which is by all means an important science, my future goal is more specified: from the whole world of living creatures human beings seem to be at the same time the most common and easy to explore and the most mysterious. The general health of the organism is essential, and good state of teeth also contributes to leading a normal way of life, inasmuch as becomes a painful problem when left untreated. I have seen a lot of pain and suffering in the eyes of my patients, for I have substantial experience in dentist’s assistance counting 4 years already. I had started my career back home and then moved to the USA, which was only two years ago. The range of my work positions can be defined as volunteering and shadowing. It is a formal way of saying that I did not get much money, and the most valuable result and experience was rather educational than material. Having settled and got accustomed in the new country, I realized that I did not want to be just a helper. Although it involves a lot of communication with patients, which is an obvious asset for me, it is still too passive for my character. I feel I can interact more and engage myself in a more active and direct role concerning dentistry. Apart from that, the reasons for such assertions are not delimited by the scope of personal characteristics. My academic performance also reveals my readiness to begin a new career. I have never been a lazy student and tried to complete all the assignments in a proper way in spite of my busy schedule. Such an approach to studying brings its fruit: my GPA is of a high level, so I hope it will help me in reaching my goal. I have already shown my professors how persistent I may be, and I do not intend to lose any of my enthusiasm in pursuing further aims.

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Working in medicine demands a lot not from the person, and only in terms of special knowledge and skills. It is a peculiar sphere because the health and life of people is at stake. Medical workers have to spend not only physical, but also moral efforts. On the other hand, I have never questioned my career choice, for there is nothing more rewarding than seeing the happy smiling faces of the patients after the work is done. The progress from suffering to relief is wonderful to witness, especially when you know that these people have, probably, nowhere else to go, which is the case of the poor strata of population. I am working in one of such clinics now. I realize our patients need a special approach, but in reality there is no delimitation into rich and poor. Every one of us deserves to have good health and to be granted help to achieve and preserve it. This is what I intend to do advancing my career steps.


The urge to help people is inherent to every medical worker. I feel like I really can change something, can offer my aid in order for the others to feel better. Practice shows I do not even get tired of working in the clinic, although every day is a new challenge. Gratitude in the eyes of people is what eliminates all the weariness. Scholarship will help me remain useful to the society and improve myself professionally and personally.

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