Scholarship in Criminal Justice

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My education goals comprise of acquiring a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice and then proceeding to achieve a master’s degree in criminology and criminal justice. Since childhood, I have had a personal interest on ensuring that the society becomes a better a place, which is only attainable by working with the various law enforcement agencies in the United States. My career goals involve working with either the Federal Bureau of Investigation of Central Intelligence Agency during the near future, which will be helpful in providing for my son while at the same time aligning my personal interests with career goals. It is evident that my education and career path provides numerous educational opportunities for growth, which can be exploited effectively in the absence of financial pressure in the course of studying.


There have been a number of challenges faced by my family in the course of funding my educational goals. The first challenge is that my mother died on September 1, 2011; this death was unexpected and I had difficulties in coming to terms with the incident and dealing with it later. This is because my mother was only 45 years at the time of her death. Nevertheless, I managed to complete the spring and fall semester, and graduate later. The death of my mother increased the financial burden because she was responsible for covering all the college expenses that were not part of the financial aid. The second challenge was that my mother was a single parent of two other children, which broadened the financial burden further. After her death, our family home was foreclosed, which implies that I had been trying to save all the money I get in order to save the home and pay utility bills. This widened the financial burden of my family; as a result, there have been little money at my disposal to pursue my educational goals.

Amidst the aforementioned challenges in funding my educational goals, a scholarship would play a significant role in reducing the financial burden in funding my education. Scholarships have the capability of changing lives and are essential in supporting to students and providing them with the opportunity of achieving quality educational experience. In addition, a scholarship will play a significant role in taking off the financial burden, which implies that there will be no need to search for a side job to support myself in the course of study. This will be helpful in ensuring that I focus on the educational opportunity available. The rising costs of education will only worsen the already existing financial burden towards the realization of my career and educational loans; therefore, a scholarship will serve as the only viable solution to meet the costs of education while still focusing on the attainment of the same because I will redirect my energy and focus on my educational goals rather than looking for alternatives such as loans and work. Furthermore, winning the scholarship will not impose a huge financial burden after completing my education; this will be helpful in ensuring that I provide for other members of the family to achieve their educational and career goals.


My unique facts are persistence and endurance, which are vital in facilitating the achievement of educational and career goals. Persistence and endurance helps an individual to keep his or her eyes on the ultimate prize irrespective of the present challenges. Besides persistence and endurance, I believe I have a high level of focus required to ensure that I achieve my education and career goals, which implies that the scholarship will not be a waste, but will serve its intended purpose. Overall, it is apparent that I am the ideal candidate for the scholarship because of the circumstances in my life beyond my control; therefore, the scholarship will offer an opportunity through which can I can reach the height of my education and dream career.

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