Scholarship for Dental Health Program

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I am an ambitious passionate and hardworking American citizen residing in Maricopa county. I am excited about the Sybil Harrington Scholarship and would like to apply. My current educational level is a high school diploma having graduated in 1996 in Russia. I sat and finished all my prerequisites in 2012 and managed to score an impressive GPA of 4.0. I was indicted into the Chapter of the Phi Theta Kappa at Mesa Community College. I was honored by the fact that I was given the opportunity which shows that I can achieve any goal I set for myself in this great land of equal opportunities all. I am set to enroll for a Dental Hygiene Program at The Rio Salado College Dental Hygiene Program in Temple Arizona in September. this year. The college is duly accredited and therefore its students qualify for The Sybil Harrington Scholarship.


I plan to train as a dental hygienist in The Solado College Dental Health Program as my passion is to ensure that the highest standards of oral health needs of patients are observed. After the training, I plan to acquire a Bachelor’s degree then further my studies by enrolling for a post-graduate program in an Ivy-League University.

My ambition is to transform the manner in which dental hygiene is practiced in this country. I want to pioneer a dental hygiene revolution in America. I want to ensure that Americans say goodbye to cavities, Periodontitis, gum diseases, oral cancer and other dental conditions. Prioritizing oral care is the first step in the fight against dental conditions which cause gross pain and suffering among patients.

The Sybil Harrington Scholarship is of immense value to me. It means that I will finally have an avenue through which I can achieve all my dreams irrespective of my background, gender, race, nationality or financial circumstances. It means that though Mrs. Sybil Harrington departed from the world, she lives on through her philanthropy that enables students who have limited opportunities to succeed irrespective of the odds against them. The scholarship occupies a central place in my heart as it will be the key to achieving my goals.

I would also like to confess that I have been a victim of domestic violence. Nothing destroys self-worth and self-esteem like an abusive relationship. Violence within the domestic context is degrading, inhuman, and cruel. There is nothing that hurts more than intimate torture. The period during which I suffered domestic violence was a dark period that left me with emotional wounds and physical bruises. However, I am a fighter and I decided to turn my experience into something positive by encouraging my girlfriends and other women who are going through domestic violence to walk away from the abuse. I offer them advice and psycho-social support during times of crisis. Helping other women has given me an excellent platform to serve the society and I would like to continue serving the society through advancing my studies; a feat I can only achieve if I am awarded the Sybil Harrington Scholarship. I will be very grateful if I am offered the scholarship and I will use the opportunity to reach out to the entire Arizona community particularly the marginalized groups.


I am passionate about giving back to the society through volunteering. I also believe that extra-curricular activities are important to the holistic development of an individual because life is not a matter of pure academics. While academics are important, one must nurture his or her talent or hobby in order to maximize on potential and interact effectively with other members of the society. It is against this background that I helped and tutored students from my class before and after class. Through my tutoring, their grades improved remarkably and while they could not reward me with money, I considered the improvement in their grades to be greater than any monetary reward.

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