Scholarship for Advanced Level Education

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I have always dreamed of becoming a dental hygienist;

It is my companion;

It is my passion;

It is my soul.

I chose to acquire an advanced level education because it does provide people with relevant information that relates to the field of interest and it grants us a chance to achieve leadership positions such as managers, instructors and leaders in our future careers in private and public sectors. Currently, I am in a dental assisting certification program at Central Oregon Community College, Oregon. I chose to become a dental hygienist after being inspired by some professional dental hygienists who are able to use their interpersonal skills to instruct patients on appropriate oral program techniques which assist in preventing oral diseases as well as maintaining good oral health. Honestly, I deserve a scholarship because it will enable me to continue with my studies and become a dental hygienist.


I am a twenty nine years American citizen who is not able to meet all my education financial requirements. This is due to the fact that I have no job or any other way through which I can get money to pay for school except the financial aid from my parents that is not able to cover all the costs. I have taken nineteen plus credits per term for the last five terms in a row to get where I need to be. I am intending to be a full time college student and I could utilize any help possible to pay for educational costs, so which is a major reason as to why am applying for a scholarship. In the future, I aspire to become a leader in one of the leading institution in the world.

The scholarship will help me to advance already acquired skills at my previous level of perfection and application. The scholarship will also grant me a chance to practice and polish my leadership skills as will be required in my future position in my field of interest, dental hygiene. In addition to my parents financial aid and the scholarship, I will seek assistance from my relatives and other well wishers in our community. If I do not receive a scholarship which will cover the large portion of my educational costs, I will look for a job which through which I will raise money to pay school fees. Also, I will organize for fund raising events through which people will contribute their money to assist me.

To enhance my dental hygiene skills, I have successively completed relevant high school causes such as mathematics, psychology, biology, health and speech which are very necessary in pursuing the dental hygiene career. In addition, I have completed two years of college education which involves clinical and classroom course work. Because of these experiences, I feel an irresistible impulse to challenge myself once more, to acquire more knowledge with respect to the application of modern dental hygiene developments. I am talented in use of dental instruments and dental manual dexterity. Finally, I happen to be a kind, compassionate and caring person.


With the help of the Scholarship, I will be able to meet the high costs of the program. Therefore, I am applying for this scholarship to enable me study without interruptions. I look forward to hear from you, thanks in advance.

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