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Being a student of the X University, I am willing to ask for a financial support that can bring me the opportunity to continue my education here. It is certainly the case that X University is the main way in becoming a successful entrepreneur and it is honor for me to be a student of this University. I always have been an active and responsible student who is willing to participate in many activities of the University, and also was involved in its promotion; however, due to my current lack of financial stability stemming caused by problems in the family, I cannot currently pay for my tuition, but hope that it is possible to find a solution.

The difficult situation occurred in my family is mostly caused by the parents divorce, in addition, my father is also slowing down his work activity due to health and age issues, and consequently he cannot support me financially. Another major reason of my applying for the higher scholarship is an extremely hard situation in my Spain, and as a result various German banks did not validate the loan I applied for, leaving me in even more helpless situation.


The University I am studying in brings me very significant possibility of becoming a good entrepreneur in the future. Today, I am a student of the X University and also a member of the team in XX Company. Our main responsibilities in this company are to change the German perspective of which an entrepreneur can be. In addition, we want introduce young entrepreneurship into the country and promote it throughout all of Europe. Consequently, we also promote the University all over the Europe. As I am a key player in my company and also a student of X University, I can say that I can bring many efforts and ideas in the promotion of this University. Being a founder of “The UU Club of ZZ University”, I can bring many benefits to the promotional side of the University. In my company I also had an experience in international networking with various partner universities, charity events, logistic, and brand-management.

My main strengths are referred to be the communicativeness and leadership skills. According to the first, I would like t say that I am very communicative with people and I also enjoying the communication with people from different countries. I also want to note that I am ambitious, responsible and enthusiastic and these features of the character always help me in achieving the goals. I also was involved in various sport activities such as professional football and it helped me in team keeping a team spirit.

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I also would like to add that with a great honor I can work in any kind of Fellowship program in order to resolve my complicated situation. I can promote the University, make the necessary presentations, I also interested in improving the internet page or prospects. As I am the student, I can reach high school students better and can also share with them my other experiences I made on campus. Besides my passion to business, I also can apply for the other degrees such as psychology. German market is an extremely significant for psychology, however many of students cannot study here because of the high numerous clauses in universities, so they have to go to another country or wait.


I hope the reasons I have already set can help me in solving my financial need. I am ambitious and responsible student who is willing to continue study in X University and hope that my participation in various University activities and work will prove you the necessity in bringing me the opportunity in getting the scholarship.

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