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For as long as I can remember, I have wanted to get a good education that would allow me to be useful to society in the future and to become a successful person within the United States. Learning has always been my passion, and I believe that my strengths will enable me to work hard and expand my already acquired knowledge. Therefore, it will promote the realization not only of my all inner dreams, but also to fulfill the desires of other people. I have striven for learning, always dedicating my free time for improvement my education and to the union movement. I am certain that my further studying and support of this program will help me to disclose my identity and develop my skills in Northridge University.


I was born in Iran and came to the United States as refugee person. Therefore, it is obvious that life has presented me with many complicated lessons. Nowadays I am studying in Pierce College, in the EOPS program. My major is Accounting and I am desperate to continue my Master as MBA. I should state that my progress in this area is quite large. Despite my challengeable life, I proved myself as a brave and stable person. I had to take a part time job and combine it with my studying thus I could help my family and also improve my knowledge. Throughout the school and college life my GPA was always at a fairly high level that represented me as persistent and diligent student. In addition, I like to spend my free time on weekends in animal's shelter where my help is necessary thus it characterizes me as the benevolent person.


In addition, that scholarship will help me to achieve my goals that can radically change my life. I would like to pass CPA test and become a considerable worker of accounting company. I am convinced that awarding me the scholarship is a key to my successful future.

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