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My first real intention of attaining a college degree was always inspired by the desire to secure myself a decent paycheck that could afford me the good things life has to offer. This was overturned by an incident in which one of my friends dragged me to a community service project where we ended up planting trees and grass along a highway stretch, which I had initially thought that it was a waste of valuable time. It was four months later when I saw what a difference it had made; this not only made me feel good but also aroused a great desire in me to make a difference. In today’s world, I feel technological advances have not only brought about a positive change in almost everyone’s life, but have also helped in promoting harmony among the population. The world waits expectantly for a viable and environmental friendly alternative to fossil fuel as an energy source as its future looks bleak. That is why I am all too eager to throw my hat in the ring, I believe my desire to affect a positive and lasting change in the critical energy, and technology studies will bear fruit. This I believe will not only promote harmonious co-existence among people but will speed up the seemingly stunting economical growth of most great and small nations alike.


During my time at University, I joined an environmental conservation club. That was at a time when global warming was the talk of the day, (which is still even today) and we had more than enough motivation. My club did not only impact local frontiers but our scope went as far as Africa where we partnered with a local University in Kenya to conserve a forest that acted as a major water catchment and was threatened by human encroachment and illegal logging. I also sat at a technology advancement forum where we met regularly to brainstorm and try to come up with new technology that could be useful to both campus and local community. Although only one of our suggestions was picked up and sustained long-term during my two years tenure, the feeling was exhilarating especially when people reminisced of what a difference it made.


In my local community, I was part of a lobby group that sought to have the city authority encourage people to embrace new environment friendly technology by offering incentives to those who used electrical or solar powered vehicles by offering parking fee waivers. At the same time I went around churches at my home area trying to teach the young people the importance of environmental conservation from a religious point of view. Although it is believed that no one man can change the world, I believe it is the small individual efforts of people who sometimes believed they could that have brought us this far. What a better way to do so than to start with the stem, which is the technology. Until I have seen the situation change, I refuse to relent in my quest. Unfortunately, I am financially challenged to pursue my cause and believe that this scholarship will go alongside enhancing my career dream. I am academically sound, with above average academic ability and will do anything within my rich to ensure value for your money. I do understand the pressure that comes with studies at this stage of academic level, and I am very much able and willing to absorb it. I also believe in the philosophy of promoting a genuine course and will be looking back to sponsor your organization in one way or another in order for it to continue helping other needy students in the society. Thanks in advance and looking forward to your acceptance.

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