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I am a Fullerton Community College student who studies Chemical Engineering as my major. I am hardworking and fast learner with passion of studying to achieve my goals. My goals include finishing my studies and becoming a professional chemical engineer who makes contribution to the development of the society.

I come from a humble family together with my mother, father and two sisters who are in high school. I was born in Nepal, Asia where we moved from, to the current residence in the US. I am the first one from my family to attend the college and it is a great pleasure and achievement to me and my family. Even though I never knew much of technology during my childhood, I was interested in mathematics and science which made me love chemical engineering. This is because I believe I can attain anything if I commit myself and get focused. Being in the US for three years, I struggle to cope with the challenges relating with the new culture. My family income is $ 32,000 a year. This supports mine and my sibling’s education and general upkeep. We receive food stamps, Medi-Cal from the state which I am grateful for since we are not in our village. As I get on with my studies, the cost is becoming high; thus I apply for this foundation scholarship with a hope that I will get it and scholarship will support me in my studies.


I manage time well because I have a lot of responsibilities in my family which I enjoy and accept fully. My parents know basic English, so I take care of some activities like contacting customer service for any bill payments and other enquiries that need to be made. I monitor my sister’s academic progress to ensure they obtain good grades. I also guide and counsel them to keep a good company which can help them in their studies and have focus for the future. I believe the sky is the limit and this encourages me to put more effort in my studies so as to be a good example for other young people, including my siblings. These responsibilities have made me stronger, ambitious and determined to succeed in my academics. Therefore, they have not affected my studies because I value time, especially class hours; thus I have excelled in my grades despite many challenges and responsibilities.

Studying in one of the US institutions like Caltech, UC Berkeley and Stanford will be advantageous for me. They have stood out due to high standards and reputation to equip the learners with quality knowledge and skills in engineering to suit the market. It will also enable me to meet and share with many people from different cultures, knowledge and skills; this will help me interact and create meaningful relationships. I believe I have many things to offer the society: my leadership skills, academic knowledge and skills. The academic achievements will make me connect my passion for education with my goal of becoming chemical engineer. Being focused and determined will make me achieve my career and I will encourage other young people to work hard to excel in education and life in general. Therefore, this scholarship will give me the chance to utilize my potential and serve the society in various ways in my entire life.


I take this chance to thank you for supporting students who might have not finished their studies if you had not given them the opportunity through this scholarship. I hope and believe that I will receive the foundation scholarship, so that I may finish my studies and contribute to the society which I believe is full of potential.

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