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Financial stability grants liberty to learn intellectually. On the contrary, nowadays, financial restraints and inflation has not only influenced the international students but the local students as well. Cost of education has been increased unexpectedly. The fees are out of reach, and the cost of living has also been overblown. Therefore, in fact, the current economic condition not only disturbed the local students but also emerged an unaffordable scenario for independent international students. However, scholarship can really help in that adverse condition, and especially him who deserve.


I am an international student came from Vietnam. The very genuine fact is that I am from a family who cannot bear the cost of international studies. Therefore, I have to curtail all educational and residential cost by my own. I have been here for two years. My major is public relation. I am going to transfer to University in next two semesters. Now I got one part time job at school, however it is not enough for me to have a dependent life. I have to pay almost $1000 for a class here; beside that, I also have to pay for insurance, books, rent, and food.

I am eligible for scholarship because of my educational credentials. I am a full time student now, and my GPA is 3.5. My goal is to get a bachelor degree in next two years and gets a job in public relation field. I like to work and deal with people; I like social activities, and volunteer tasks. I did join a lot of activities like that when I was in Vietnam. Therefore, I hope I will get a job that I can help as much as people I can. But, for all of that, I need finance to continue my studies to cope up myself with the best knacks to help others and to put an educated impression on the society and on my surroundings. Therefore, I considerably consider myself eligible for scholarship.

Financial relaxation leads you to the liberty to learn intellectually. My financial constraints due to inflated educational expenses, and at the same time my exceptional marks in my studies let me to put a genuine request before you for scholarship. In fact, I am in desperate need of financial support to continue my studies. But, I believe that I am the most deserving candidate for scholarship with my educational brilliance and with my practical approach towards the fields. I definitely will not ruin the investment on my education, but I will pay it back to the society in shape of my dedicated services.

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Out of budget expenses can only be adjusted with extra income or with financial assistance. As a student I am already doing one job to cope up with my expenses. Even though, it is impossible for me to pay almost $1000 for a class, beside that, I also have to pay for insurance, books, rent, and food. Therefore, I am unable to pay all by my own, and scholarship can provide me sufficient financial assistance to easily continue my studies. I can pay all my college dues with scholarship money and can learn intellectually in a relaxed environment.


It is my belief, that if you deserve something, then you will get reward for sure. So, I believe that I deserve scholarship, and that you will grant it to me for my bright future. I also believe, that my bright future is not only for me, but, it is for whole society. I will give return of it to the society in shape of my dedicated services.

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