The Psychological Impact in Ads

The Psychological Impact in Advertising

In advertising, psychology is used in order to provide a service or sell a product. Understanding of the notion that affects human psychology can assist a company to better sell a product or help the customer to comprehend marketing strategies that make them purchase. Persuasion is the shifting of attitudes by presenting information concerning another attitude. The information can be processed peripherally or centrally. If it is processed centrally, attitude change is likely to have performance. There are two routes of the persuasion that may change an individual’s belief structure based on cognitive processes that come up at the time of persuasion. The two routes are expressed as the peripheral and central routes. The peripheral route has to do with the fact that individuals cannot exercise effortful and careful analyze every message they come across.

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It has been argued that images can show the viewers a lot of social signs and influences them. Gender roles are those of masculinity and femininity. Both men and women are represented in advertisements according to formed definition of masculinity and femininity. Except within the smaller frame of niche marketing, there is a little reversal of roles. Masculinity is to the man while femininity is to the woman. Gender displays are heavily used in advertising in order to ascertain the role of one gender in relation to the other. Gender, unlike sex which is the creation of biologically based female-male differences, is developed within human as a result of socialization and correlates highly with biological sex. People define themselves by gender as since it can be communicated at a glance.

In ads, men are always presented as standing upright, alert and conscious of surrounding, mean expression of the face, bodies are controlled, eyes open and looking around. They are also displayed as adventurous, brave and being able to think soberly. The capacity to take initiative and think independently is also their feature. Images supporting this behavior for instance include the military ads and silent Marlboro man telling young men to be all they can be.

Women have been portrayed touching themselves, lying on the floor, caressing an object, eyes closed, sitting on a chair or bed, vulnerable, holding a man for support, dressed like a child. They are also shown as sexually available and playful.

There are positions of powerlessness and submissiveness. Powerlessness and submission can be clearly seen when a woman is displayed lying on the floor, and men standing over them meaning women are beneath men. The body of the female is always controlled by social and the commoditization of the body through beauty and fashion that display femininity. Part of the sex appeal is submission hence women are urged to pursue sex and beauty appeal.

Gender is defined as the culturally correlates of sex since the display discloses conventionalized displays of those correlates. There are classes under which we can view the codes of gender. These are a family, a ritualization of subordination, a feminine touch and licensed withdrawal. Gender displays are defined as rituals of behavior since they are used to interpret social reality.

When couples are used, the sex-roles played by each, sends out messages. The relations of the couple may send a message of power and dominance. It may also stereotype the roles of both partners. Women are being used in sex advertising while men are left since women are more appealing and attractive. The messages attract interest by altering stereotypical roles.


In conclusion, persuasion is based on the notion that people tend to respect the opinions of an individual who is deemed to have knowledge about the product. Consumers hold a different perspective on realizing that an individual with authority has recommended whatever they are about to purchase. The individual with the authority has to possess expert knowledge in that field.

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