The Right of Choice

Long History of Abortion

Abortion is one of the most controversial topics of the today world. According to Joffe, abortion has got a very long history. Its history is as long as about two and a half thousand years according to some sources, while other historians believe that it is even longer than three thousand years. However, in the modern world, the problem became the most discussed and the most controversial. There are numerous reasons for it. On the one hand, modern medicine made it possible to provide safe abortions that have almost no effect on the woman’s health. Besides, it became possible to easily and effectively diagnose pregnancy at the early stages as well as diagnose possible problems the child may have in the future. However, on the other hand, in accordance with the data provided by Shah in December 2009, unsafe abortions still result in about seventy thousand maternal deaths annually. Another important argument against abortions is of moral nature. Nowadays, it is widely believed and some scientists have made serious attempts to prove scientifically that the unborn child is an alive being. Moreover, as an alive human being, it, therefore, should be given the right to live, and nobody can be allowed to take it away from the child.

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Many people argue at what stages pregnancy can be allowed to be terminated. In the majority of the countries of the world, there are legislative norms which allow abortions until a certain stage.

My strong belief is that despite all the moral concerns, which are, no doubt, of great importance, abortions should be legally allowed, and any woman should have the right to make an abortion if she has such a will. This should be possible until the stage when an abortion can pose a thread to the health or life of the woman.

There are numerous reasons which support this point of view. However, among counter-arguments, there are a few which appear to be the most important and should be definitely taken into consideration.

Why Abortions Should be Legal

It is important to realize that abortion is a very safe procedure, especially in the developed world. As an example, in the United States, abortion is believed to be one of the safest medical procedures. According to the statistical data provided by Raymond, abortion nowadays is fourteen times safer than actually birth of a child. Per every thousand of abortions, there are only six cases of maternal death, while per one thousand of child births, there are eighty-eight cases of maternal death. This means that unsafety of abortions cannot really be an argument against such.

Another serious argument in defense of abortion as a legal procedure is that there are cases when a woman will be anyway forced to make an abortion due to numerous reasons. Once such is not legal, she will have to make an illegal and, therefore, an unsafe procedure. Sometimes, women try to make such procedures without assistance and sometimes, they rely on other untrained and uncertified people, who operate with tools and medicines of a very doubtful origin. As a result, such operations end up in serious problems for the woman and in accordance with Okonofua, may result in serious damage of internal organs of the woman. The results of unsafe abortions are among the most important and widely spread reasons of women’s injuries and deaths all over the world. It is worth mentioning that twenty million is the figure which reflects the number of abortions taking place every year. 97% of such cases take place in the developing world, where abortions are one way or another prohibited or women simply do not have access to medical services of proper quality. In accordance with the data, provided by Lozano, unsafe abortions result in at least 34100 maternal deaths globally, which is about 13% of all maternal deaths.

However, there are other important arguments, which speak for the abortions being available and legal. First of all, our planet is becoming overpopulated. It is a commonly known fact, that with the speed at which the population of the Earth is growing, very soon, the people inhabiting the world will feel the shortage of the most important resources needed for surviving. Among such is drinking water. This is why, governments should take measures, which would limit the reproduction rate of people. This means that abortions should at least not be prohibited, so that those who do not have a desire of having a child should have a chance not to have one.

There are evidences that unwanted children have got very serious psychological problems in their adult lives. This also speaks for the abortion – why to give birth to a child, who will have serious problems in the future and will feel uncomfortable in the world, which did not want to accept him?

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It also often happens that a woman knows that due to one reason or another, a child is going to be born with serious in-born diseases or disorders. That may be another reason for an abortion, and the woman should be given the right to choose in such a situation.


In conclusion it worth mentioning the cases when very young girls in their teens get pregnant. They should also be given an opportunity to resolve a problem in an alternative way since a birth of child may ruin their lives as they themselves may turn out to be not skillful enough to give good education and to bring up the child in a proper way. These arguments and a number of others speak for the abortions being a legal operation which women should have full access to.