The Issues of American Food


Americans are highly dependent on fast food and other ready-made food. Due to the increased demand for food in America, Ministry of Agriculture has adopted scientific methods of food production. As a result, this has led to increased use of chemicals in food production (Penson, John, and Taylor 33-66). Chemicals that trigger the growth such as steroids are used to maximize the supply of food products. As a result, many people have faced the risk of suffering from different chemical-related diseases and disorders such as cancer which has led to the great number of deaths. In addition, this has raised great public concern among the Americans on the supply of food. Nowadays, the burning issue is whether the food produced is safe for human consumption. In fact, the problem was triggered by the increased number of food-related illnesses in American society. Therefore, this paper investigates whether American food is harmful for human being or not.

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Chemicals and Food

The American government agencies have failed to perform their work in controlling the use of chemicals in American food. Consequently, the great number of unsafe food was supplied which has caused the dramatic increase in diseases like allergic reactions and cancer, leading to many deaths (Novak, James et al. 145-153). In fact, the US food safety such as the Food and Drug Administration as well as the National Institute of Health support the development of chemical agriculture corporations. Some firms which were producing organic food have been forced to close down. It happened after the department of agriculture in America had been awarded to chemical agriculture corporations by President Barack Obama. In fact, it is not the first time such situation happened since a similar case occurred during the Bush Administration.


The use of steroid hormone drugs was approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 1950s. Steroids hormones such as estrogen, testosterone and progesterone are used to increase the growth of beef animals like sheep and cattle. The use of steroids is aimed at increasing beef production in America. Although the FDA argued that the consumption of steroids in meat does not have harmful effects on human health, various studies conducted in the United States showed that the risk of suffering from cancer has considerably increased after the FDA approved the use steroids in beef production (Penson, John, and Robert, Taylor 33-66). Statistics shows that since 1950s, the number of people who die of cancer has been increasing every year.

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The use of antibiotics in America was established in early 19th century. The key purpose of using antibiotics was to prevent the loss of animals from diseases and infections. Antibiotics, therefore, were used to vaccinate animals against diseases. However, these antibiotics have been transferred to human body through animal products such as milk and meat. The effects of antibiotics were apparent since the rate of human diseases has significantly increased (Novak, James et al. 145-153). Scientific statistics which was done after examining several patients shows that most of them had chemical contents in their bodies as a result of vaccinated animals’ products consumption.


Sprays are used to protect products such as vegetation from insecticides. The Americans use very powerful sprays to prevent insecticides from destroying their products as well as increase productivity (Penson, John, and Robert, Taylor 33-66). As a consequence, these insecticides are absorbed into plants. Thus, when these vegetables are harvested and consumed by people, pesticides act as poison in human body which might result in various disorders or death. Despite the dreadful consequences of sprays on human health, the use of these substances has increased in America.


The American population has recently increased at a very high rate. As a result, the demand for food has also grown. The American government has been, therefore, forced to search for alternative ways to satisfy the needs of its people. As a consequence, this has resulted to the invention of chemical agriculture aiming to facilitate food production in the country. The United States of America has discouraged organic food production which took relatively longer period to mature. On the contrary, it shifted to chemical agriculture which enables plants and animals to grow fast and produce more yield. However, it is common knowledge that the food produced through chemical agriculture is not safe for human consumption (Novak, James et al. 145-153). Such conclusions were made due to several health hazards associated with food products produced in America. However, despite hazardous effects of products produced in America, the American government has fully supported the use of chemicals for the purpose of increasing food production.

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