Surveillance and Drones in Australia

The Importance of Drones in Surveillance of Australia

How does it feel to lose a loved one in a war serving as a soldier? What if there was a way to keep surveillance at a distance without the need of a soldier at the scene? Security and environmental awareness is an important element in the society to be gambled with human life. This is the reason why drones are felt a good discovery in the world of surveillance according to ABC News (2012, par. 3-7). Therefore, any dismissive claims that these drones do not have a better capacity than satellites and helicopters are outrageously misinformed. Today, I would like to propose the importance of drones and again, why they are useful in doing the work that helicopters and satellites currently do.

I will begin by discussing the importance of drones in surveillance. The use of drones in surveillance in Australia law enforcement agencies cannot be overlooked. There has been an increasing trend across the world in the use of drones in surveillance including the United States and other developed nations. To keep up with the trend, it is prudent for Australia to embrace these developments. With the increasing insecurity all over the world and technological advancement, surveillance drones are inevitable. It is unlikely that any country using helicopters and satellites would beat the use of drones as surveillance tools in other nations.

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My focus here is on surveillance drones generally either domestically or internationally in weaponized drones for instance. It is patently illogical not to allow the use of weaponized drones on Australian soil. It is no doubt that we need them. It is not merely probable but inevitable. Those working as surveillance personnel are people we know and are in the military and other departments as may apply. Departments of police and the military could really benefit from the use of drones. The industry of drones has increasingly developed and is highly being adopted for the use of enforcing surveillance laws.

There are many fears borne by many of us but surveillance drones in this case will not be in the nature that has got the attention of the media: the kind of huge Reaper or Predator drones shooting Hellfire missiles bringing destruction to cars and homes in such places like Somalia, Yemen, Afghanistan, Pakistan and various other nations targeting Muslims. This is some kind of discomfort that could create some reluctance on our honorable government to use surveillance drones.

How Drones will Succeed in their Surveillance Mission?

The majority of this senate may be reluctant to embrace this major technological development. Well, you might be wondering, how can we make sure that drones will succeed in their surveillance mission? Let me notify you. You can observe that it is not such a daunting task to take on the idea of surveillance drones (Unmanned Systems Australia 2013, par. 2-7). Now let us look at an instance that occurred in late 2012. It was found out that America flew Global Hawk spy missions in secret from the Australian Air Force bases between 2001 and 2006. Amateur aviation historians tracked those Global Hawks as they arrived and took off. Our Australian defense security officers ordered that the details not be shown. This house through one senator was ready to notify the public but the efforts were frustrated by the American Airforce. We have since then continued to negotiate the purchase of the Global Hawks.

The surveillance drone program in our country is basically for the good of securing our borders. For instance, its preference for the Global Hawk maritime versions was for the purposes of immigration surveillance through the sea. Just as the Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd said, this program will make sure that every asylum seeker arriving in Australia through a boat will not get settlement as a refugee. The problem would instead be shifted to Papua New Guinea.

Our defense forces have taken part in the Afghanistan war from 2001. Its involvement has included manned aircraft, ships and ground troops. Drones have been the recent inclusion in the war process (Corcoran 2012, par. 4-6). Their performance cannot be compared with manned aircraft and the war ships. They will go a long way in saving our soldiers and delivering information from long distances in real time. Since the use of drones in 2009 in Afghanistan by the Royal Australian Air Force, there has been marked development and mission accomplishment. This has been evident with the deployment of the Israeli-built heron drone which is a surveillance drone that is twin-hulled. Therefore, it is important to get enough of them and address the fears of the chief military drone commander expressed at our Gold Coast during the promotional event in 2012.

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As you can evidently see (as highlighted by Singer 2009, pp.23-41), the use of surveillance drones can be among the significant decisions we can ever make as a senate and at the same time the greatest gift we can ever give to the people of Australia. I have highlighted the importance of drones to our nation, how they have enhanced war operations and lastly, how drones have saved our soldiers. We can help this nation by supporting this motion. What if the individual on surveillance duty involving dreadful invasions was a person you loved? Imagine the people who have been lost while keeping surveillance on manned aircraft, for instance. Think of the fulfillment and probable relieve knowing that we provide secure security surveillance in Australia.


I am going to leave you with a simple message based on a 2012 drone industry assessment of promotional reports and materials to the shareholders, weaponized will be largely cheaper and smaller and agile as well although still deadly. It is very imperative. As we survey opportunities in developing the current drone’s surveillance and application in law enforcement, border surveillance, secure and first response and monitoring of infrastructures, we anticipate accelerated growth even in other non-military applications through our support. I am confident now, that you realize the need for surveillance drones in our territory.