Online Piracy


Online piracy has been in the rise with the ever improving technology. As more superior products and software and other products are released to the masses through the internet, other people are busy ensuring that these products are downloaded at minimum costs, or the money obtained is channeled towards their accounts and not to the actual software producers. It is worth noting that this trend includes other art products such as movies and songs and even pieces of academic works. People download them into their computers and this result to the products never benefitting their real creators. Online piracy refers to illegal downloading of software, or any other copyrighted material without the consent of the owner. People have developed counter programs that unlock the security of the copyrighted material to fully access and even download it at a very low cost.

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The problem of online piracy has been on the rise in the recent past with the increasing popularity of internet, especially among learners. This is as a result of increasing need to access the internet while at the same time saving money. However, it can be unanimously agreed that using other peoples’ work for ones benefit without rewarding them is wrong and should be avoided at all costs. The following are some of the reasons why people should stop online piracy.

Reasons why Online Material Should not be Downloaded Illegally

There is no reward offered to the producers – when ones piece of work is downloaded and spread without his consent, there is a high reduction in motivation and creativity in producing more online products. Some people build their careers in music and film making. When these are placed in the internet, there is likelihood that the online pirates will obtain the piece of work at no cost at all. Some people even upload the piece of work then charge people who attempt to download that product as if they hold the rights to them. If, for instance, this downloaded piece of art is music, all the people that are involved in the production of the song are excluded from pay, yet their product is used for entertainment. It is even more unfortunate that some of these illegally obtained works is used commercially to generate money for the “online thief”. This whole process will lead to demoralized production that will lead to poor online products and loss of jobs by the producers. At a closer look, there will be likely death of some industries due to the production and reduced popularity due to low and unsustainable returns.

Using someone’s products without paying for them can be termed as stealing. This is a social sin and thieves in the society are treated harshly. For a morally upright society, such vices should be avoided. Use of a stolen goods could as well lead to poor personal performances as one feels that there is something wrong that they have done and need to make up for it. Even if they download music for entertainment for instance, they might end up not getting the best utility from the song out of guilt and feeling of social sinning. In most religions such as Christianity and Muslim, thieves are termed as enemies of the society and this could lead to the religious people using illegally downloaded material to feel uncomfortable while using it. This could be made even worse when crusaders against piracy keep reminding the public on the dangers and immoral conduct of using pirated material.

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Online piracy leads to the introduction of counterfeit goods in the market. The quality of software and other online products decreases due to the little or no cost incurred by the users. Some also develop other weak software to match up the original ones but since the public is too engrossed in the product availability and not its quality end up buying the poor product at cheap prices. Some users can not differentiate between the genuine and counterfeit software since they do not even seek to know. They feel that the available commodity is the best and is even better if obtained at a lower price. At this point, the user is given little choice to obtain the best product in the market. The internet provides the cheaper options and works against the law of demand in business where the market provides the customers with products and services that they are willing and able to buy at a given time. The internet provides the consumer with cheaper options of downloading cheap material ahead of the genuine ones which should be avoided.

There are so many other details in the internet that may not be morally upright. Pornographic and other rated material may find its way to being downloaded and viewed by children. This may result into a worse off society out of illegally downloading material by the people of age group that should otherwise not be accessing the sites or the details of some of the internet sites.

Counterfeit or illegally obtained material, especially software can have dire consequences where the computer user might have the software blocked in the middle of an important process. This could lead to a bigger loss than the one that the user was saved from when they obtained the software illegally. When people use pirated operating systems, for instance, the computer might have difficulties accessing the internet when the computer with the original version of that operating system is online. Therefore, it is better to have original software that is safe and efficient to use yet expensive, than have a cheap and illegally downloaded software that might have bad consequences to ones work and data.

People who download any material in their computers put themselves at a very high risk of downloading viruses into their computers. Some of the ingenuine softwares are loaded with viruses that lead to destruction of data in the computer. The same people who create and implant these viruses in programmes then make anti-viruses to counter the viruses. They therefore create business by creating a problem then selling the solution to unsuspecting users. It is therefore in the best interest of the users not to use these cheap and downloaded materials for the safety of their data and hardware that could be highly jeopardized by the use of illegally downloaded software or entertainment files.


More strict laws should be enacted to ensure that there is worthy punishment for the people found pirating material from the internet unlawfully. However, the general public should be on the forefront in fighting this vice due to the bad consequences that result from use of illegally downloaded material from the internet, as discussed above.

The economic benefits that are enjoyed by the public due to the use of lower priced products may be much higher than it may seem due to the unpaid taxes and other levies. It may therefore be uneconomical to use these goods. Genuine goods will on the other hand lead to a proper economic valuation of income in a given country that leads to well deserved promotion of different sectors by the government.

People should have a self-drive that bars them from the use of counterfeit or illegal downloads. There should be an ego developed that “people of substance” should never go for counterfeit goods but should earn enough to purchase the right software and entertainment to obtain the best results for their machines and themselves.

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