Online Education

Online Education Made to be Available for Everyone

When it comes down to the question of education, there is no doubt that for any nation to healthily progress, the massed ” need to be educated and flexible to change. The initiatives to introduce online education were put up so that education is made available to everyone regardless of the location and status. According to (Online Education Columnist, 2002-2013) “Online education is truly about student convenience,” this should also mean pocket convenience, students should be able to afford their online education

Without a high school diploma it is very difficult to get on in life and be considered for any vacancy you apply for. Thus this essay argues that the $160 paid for online education is a barrier for most people wishing to take online courses, it should therefore be abolished. The argument on the forefront is that online students do not take advantage of the cafeteria; they do not go to student union and never participate in the extracurricular activities. This makes it hard to process; the fact that they spend most of their time in front of the computer interacting with their courses and tutors makes should make online students exempted from these ridiculously high cost payments.

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With globalization taking over the world, it should be a top priority to provide education to those who are not able to make it to campus, it seems like online education has actually become more expensive than face-to-face consultation. This has a negative impact on development and attaining an education for all goal. In essence, online learning should change the cost structure of teaching. Teachers do not need to drive or walk to school anymore and have free time to engage in other activities. It should be made up in such a way that there is little or no start-up investment needed so that the online education fee is taken out of the education.

Online education should be a platform used to provide education to anyone who is interested. It should be a place that aids students who do not do well in classes and cannot graduate from high school, a second chance. Online programs are self-motivating, self-pushing recovery programs that allow students to make up their work at home or at school-wherever there is internet access.

Online Education Against School?

With schools demanding school fees up front, online education was designed to help those students who are not able to go to school with their school fees receipt to receive an education even without seeing the teacher or insides of a classroom. Online education should not have such a high price tag. Online classes can augment students learning. Some of the material students learn in the classroom slips their minds; online education is a way to offer those students a second chance to relearn the material.

Online education is a vital resource for struggling students especially high school students to be able to obtain the credits they need and graduate on time. Everyone needs a short at high school and graduate at the earliest possible opportunity in order to leave the place for their juniors. If online education is $160, it becomes education only for the elite and no longer available to everyone who needs to learn. This is a necessary program that must be kept. If education is so critical to student success, then why take away this opportunity by making it expensive? Online education is the only short that the world, especially the U.S has since everyone is busy and can only be available for a certain period of time-online.

On the other hand, even given for free, the online course will not benefit all because not everyone is determined to get educated. The money to be paid will help to improve the quality of education given to the ones who are capable and willing. Given that even if online education is provided for nothing, not everyone will use it, it is better to turn out the existing system and make it even more advanced and data packed for the few who will use the program.

Some students say that online courses are easier the face-to-face classroom consultation; thus students need to pay for these online courses so that the teachers and programmers are able to incorporate better classes. Working online at home is not the best of idea. Students who work at home without supervision tend to slack off and procrastinate a lot. It takes a few who have the art of self-discipline to take all their classes. Paying for these courses will therefore make the students take their classes a little seriously since they do not want to waste their money.


Online students are in isolation and never to get the high school or campus feel. Therefore abolishing the $160 payment fee should somehow make up to them and make them feel better. The truth of the matter is that not everyone has the freedom to leave their house whenever it pleases them, even if it is for school. The online education cost will actually promote students to drop out completely, lack of finances is the reason why 38% of the students drop out of high school and college. If this is true, would it not make sense to abolish the fee that is paid for online education?

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