Essay on Fast Food

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Persuasive Speech Presentation about Fast Food

It is evident and crystal clear to everyone that fast foods are a famous delicacy for numerous people. While walking along the street in the cities of the United States, one is bound to come across a fast food joint. This is an indication that the fast foods are in high demand. Research has proved that Americans are spending more money on fast foods than on new cars.

Thesis statement

The high demand for the fast foods and the presence of numerous fast food joints indicate that they have advantages over the process of cooking.

Let me start by informing those who do not know that fast foods are not only famous for having negative health effects. Recent research has indicated that fast foods have improved tremendously in terms of nutritional value. A simple visit to a fast food restaurant will open your eyes to the fact that there are foods such as salad, wheat bread, low fat milk and fresh fruit juices. These foods and drinks are extremely healthy and are a delicacy for numerous Americans. In addition, it is possible to resort to “make-to-order” option where customers can request certain ingredients not to be included in their meals.

Secondly, fast foods are a convenient option for numerous people who have a busy schedule and hardly find time to prepare meals. The fast foods are readily available and save a huge chunk of time for people who are extremely busy. Additionally, the fast foods are served hot and fresh, hence making them a delicacy for numerous people. It is also critical to note that the fast foods are cheap, hence affordable to the majority of Americans.


As I conclude, the advantages of fast foods are numerous. However, the few I have highlighted are sufficient to convince some of you who had a negative perception regarding the fast foods. Sometimes it is a good option for you to resort to fast foods and save on food preparation cost, as well as spare some time.

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