Banning the Use of Guns

Pros of Banning Guns

Today, I will focus on the controversial topic of banning the use guns. Over the years, the issue has been surrounded by many controversies where some people support the banning of guns while others oppose it. The prohibition of guns has pros and cons, but I will discuss the pros of banning guns. There are many pros of banning guns than the cons.

Most of the gun massacres that take place use legal guns and those people that are licensed use guns for the wrong reasons. For example, in the United States about 30 years ago, three-quarters of the guns used to kill were obtained legally. The killers or drug dealers use the guns to defend themselves from arrest by the police officers. They also kill people who can give evidence in court about their dealings. The advocates of the pro-gun control are of the view that tougher gun laws should be enacted to prevent these crimes. In support of the idea, I propose that, the authorities in charge of guns should look at the past criminal records of the person before issuing a gun license. Those with a previous history of criminal activities should not qualify to own guns. In addition, a person who owns a gun should be held liable for all the activities carried out using the weapon. This will discourage people from obtaining licenses.

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Gun ownership should be discouraged as those who are licensed do not exercise self-discipline. Only the police should be allowed to use guns since they are trained and are, therefore, accountable for their mistakes in the course of duty. Detailed information must be sourced from the applicants of gun ownership to proof their purpose and location of their homes.

The gun control laws offer protection for families and children. Kates & Gary assert that, many people in America who own guns used them to attack children. A grassroots group named Moms Demand Action was formed in response to the tragedy that took place in Sandy Hook Elementary School. Guns in America are creating a public crisis to the safety of children. The statistics show that about eight children in America are shot and killed every day. The people should not be allowed to access guns since they can receive protection from the police. They should, instead, report to the police any incidents that threaten their security. One possible solution to this problem should be ceasing the guns from people who already own them as well as enacting stronger laws to protect children against such attacks.

Conducting background checks is crucial in controlling the use of guns. It has been identified that most of the people who own guns should not have them. This is because, some of them have heard a past criminal record, hence they do not qualify to own guns as they can use them to cause harm to people. Mentally ill individuals and domestic abusers should also be prevented from obtaining a gun license to curb crime. The laws that require background checks have hindered more than 2 million persons from purchasing guns who could have done so if the laws background checks did not exist. Governments in different countries should form a strong body that will be responsible for conducting background checks. The body should also be independent to avoid instances of corruption where people who do not have a clear criminal record pay bribes to obtain the guns illegally.


In conclusion, I support the idea that there are numerous advantages of banning guns because it has been established that most gun massacres use legal weapons. Because of the reasons stated above, I hereby reinstate my thesis: the pros of banning guns are more than the cons.

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