Work Placement Vacancy – Ford (Essay)

For a sales and marketing placement, the Ford Motor company requires individuals skilled in the art of sales and marketing. It implies having the necessary skills to make a sales presentation and convince the customer or dealer to make an order. To make a sale, some of the required skills include communication, negotiation, persuasion, and sufficient background information not only about the company and its products but also about the customer. In addition to the usual sales and marketing skills, the work placement at the Ford Motor company requires one to be innovative and competitive. The organisation has been a market leader in the automobile industry worldwide for over two decades. To remain the market leader, it needs a high-quality sales team, driven by talent, competence, and dedication to the job. Thus, the list of attributes required includes knowledge and passion about the company’s business and customers, self-drive and ambitions for continuous improvement, great interpersonal skills with the ability to build and maintain strong relationships, team spirit, and effective communication skills. In addition, other critical attributes include a positive, inspirational, and motivational attitude towards others, timeliness, creativity, initiative, diplomacy, self-motivation, and self-confidence (Lamb, Hair & McDaniel 2013). Generally, as this may be a work placement position that will last for twelve months, the company is looking for a sales and marketing recruit with impressive leadership skills.

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As a BA student, my interests in this work placement at Ford Motor correlate with the sales and marketing offer because I already have had some experience in this field. While working in an interior decor company in the UAE, I developed a number of skills related to sales and marketing. First, I became a better negotiator in terms of how I engage my customers. Furthermore, I am skilled in presentation and persuasion. As a BA student in Business Management, I am also skilled in preparation and research; thus, I can gather much information not only about the product and the company but also about the customer at hand. Other required skills for this job include interpersonal skills that should enable the candidate to work within a team and effectively interact with the company’s customers. I believe I am good with people because I can build and maintain strong relationships owing to the fact that I am friendly, open minded, and generally easy to talk to. Communication is more about being able to interact with others effectively to pass on a message or to share knowledge depending on the prevailing circumstances (Sahaf 2008). I believe that I am an effective communicant in the context that I am a good listener and I speak clearly. I also try to understand the background and interests of the people with whom I am communicating to remain relevant to them. I believe my emotional intelligence is above average in the sense that I can anticipate reactions based on my understanding of the people with whom I am communicating. Concerning my negotiation skills, it is worth noting that I had to negotiate several times while working in the sales department. I learnt how to pay attention and listen to the customer beyond the words. This skill is particularly important when trying to close a sale, as it will ensure that I can find strong selling points depending on the customer’s needs and circumstances. The above skills make me an effective negotiator with the opportunities for further enhancements as well.



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My current skill set is well matched with what is needed by the Ford Motor company except that I may need to build on my leadership skills. To become more inspirational and motivational towards others as required in the placement, I will have to learn and practice transformational leadership. In addition, there is a need for timeliness in terms of delivering the required services to clients within the organization. In this case, my time management skills will need to be improved as well. To do this, I intend to start living with a to-do list that will help me to determine the amount of time I spend doing certain activities each day. This will be important for making a schedule and adhering to it. Knowing the amount of time I need for a given activity will assist me in planning effectively so that I can manage to do everything that I intended to do before the end of the day. This will improve my timeliness and thus enable me to fit in with the required job placement position. I believe that I already have the basic skills required by the organization. However, to improve my chances, I would have to work on the extra skills like leadership and time management to become a better sales professional.

CV and Covering Letter


To be an effective sales and marketing professional, there are a number of things that I will have to improve. First, I need to be a better salesperson by broadening my experiences and current knowledge as acquired within the Business Management course. Thus, the first medium-term goal, in this case, is to increase my theoretical knowledge in sales and marketing as I continue with the business management course. By the time I graduate, I also need to acquire significant experience in sales and marketing. It means that while I study, I have to ensure that I engage in sales jobs or side businesses that involve practicing sales and marketing.

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Moreover, one of my long-term goals is to be a better leader, as well as to practice the inspiration and motivation as I interact with other people. It implies building my knowledge and practice as related to leadership and becoming a transformational leader with a great team spirit as required by Ford Motor company. A good way to enhance these skills would be through studying the concepts of leadership and applying them in my daily practices while still at university and at home. In the long term, I also need to find career opportunities that will build my skill sets within the sales and marketing field. It implies limiting my career choices to fields that would indulge my talents in selling and negotiating.

As a short-term goal, I will need to work on my time management skills. It means I have to start creating a to-do list that will help me organize my daily chores and plan time for everything that I have to do. On the one hand, this may limit the flexibility of my days but, on the other hand, it will ensure that I will manage to handle all my chores while also allowing to understand how much time I spend carrying out certain activities. An effective to-do list is also crucial for prioritizing the important activities over the unimportant ones. Another short-term goal is to become a better researcher. As a sales person, background research is crucial and the only way to acquire this skill is to start practicing as soon as possible.

Action Plan

The first step in my action plan is to study more about sales and marketing. As a student of business management, sales and marketing are a part of my course and I will have to pay more attention since it is my main interest. However, in addition to the theoretical aspect, I will also need some practical exposure to the field, meaning I will have to undertake sales and marketing jobs as well. Secondly, I will be making a to-do list every morning so that I can learn to manage my time effectively. Within a period of six months, I hope to be effective with my time management skills to improve my skills of timeliness in handling chores. I also have to start improving my research skills as soon as possible. Thus, targeted research will start featuring in my to-do list on a regular and consistent basis. I will also take up more leadership positions while studying more about the necessary skills and orientations of transformational leadership. It implies becoming more involved not only in the theoretical aspect of learning about leadership but also practicing it inside and outside the university. Lastly, I will plan my career around opportunities related to sales and marketing to retain relevance in my career goals.

Critical Analysis

My interest in sales and marketing implies that I have to work towards developing impeccable sales and marketing skills as my career goals. However, the labour market often requires more than the basic professional skills. In this case, Ford Motor company requires a number of personal attributes along with the basic skills of sales and marketing. Therefore, to plan a career in sales and marketing within a global organization such as Ford Motor company, it is important to focus on other aspects of the job. In this case, leadership and timeliness were found to be some of the most important factors to consider. The company is focused on finding not only talented salespeople but also leaders who can motivate and inspire others while also being able to work within deadlines. A part of preparing for a career is identifying the kinds of skills and attributes that make an exemplary sales person. In my case, leadership and timeliness are the skills that I need the most. To acquire them, I will have to study and practice effectively and continue perfecting my capabilities with time.

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