Customer Relationship Management


The need for change among different organizations has led to various developments. Many businesses are opting to run the customer relationship management aspect to ensure they obtain customers trust. This revolution has made many organizations use this technology. Customer relationship management (CRM) is a technology that has been in existence for almost thirty decades. This technology has been adopted to help to reduce the costs incurred when identifying customers. CRM aims at satisfaction of customer needs and achievement of important information by the customer involvement into the process. The technology tries to edge out costs while trying to edge in profits. This theory has been considered a technology, but this has changed, and it is being viewed as a philosophical aspect that helps to get more customers. This software has enabled many businesses to track down all the sales that have been transacted, ranging from their beginning to the end. The software also has the ability to retrieve all the information, and it enables the sharing of this information between all members of the company (Anderson & Kerr 2002).

This philosophy is being used to identify various factors like customers’ needs and their behavior to ensure that a strong relationship will crop up. This aspect should be branded as the technology, since it is a long and important process that helps to identify needs and bond with the customers. This bonding leads to the relationship formed between the customer and the manufacturer. This contact is the steering wheel of business. Each organization should understand that better relationship with the customer act like the heart of the organization and of success.

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Customer relationship management is used and applied to force the use of specialists and processes to ensure a business achieves better results. These people and processes help to attain better results and learn about the behaviors and values associated with customers. This association leads to the organization or firm’s ensuring that it improves the quality of services being provided to the customers. CRM ensures that a firm attains the theory of reduced costs in order to gain effective and efficient performances. This relationship also helps an organization to achieve the success of better and improved sales. However, it is necessary for a company or an organization to conduct the relevant investigation about what kind of information is relevant to identify. This information is associated with customers and the organization must know of what importance it is to the business. The use of the CRM technology should be a priority, and all businesses should use and mark it as a long-term objective and goal.

Critical Steps Used to Obtain CRM

There are various critical steps that are used to obtain and attain the customer relationship management. Some of these critical steps include the business identifying of its objectives and goals that it aspires to achieve. The business should identify all what it expects the CRM to achieve. If the business omits this procedure, then it is bound to fail as it assumes various aspects that it should achieve.These expectations should be understood to ensure that the management comes up with a routine of what the CRM should achieve. This involves what the business insinuates to do. If it is about customer retention, cost reduction or maximization of sales, then the business should expect that the CRM achieve these goals (U Makkar & HK Makkar 2012).

Another critical step that a business should consider is the technological operations. The CRM is not a software or technology that undertakes normal technological processes, but one which deals with the processes of relations between customers and management. The business should ensure that it maintain these processes to achieve its targets. CRM is only an aspect that is regarded as a steering wheel towards achieving these processes. Researchers have studied that any set target, if achieved, enables functionality. This technology helps the business to achieve its target amidst any difficulties. The design associated with the CRM is determined by the sponsors of business and the technical bench involved in technological matters.

The other critical step towards better CRM attaining is obtaining of the top committee that deals with support. The business should ensure that it has a support team that will help to advance the system. This is driven by the fact that the executive should have an upper hand in the attaining of the results and targets set. Lack of explanation by the management to employees how the system functions and works will tend to the downfall of the business. This is steered by the fact that employees must be directed in the question how the technology will help the company in achieving the objectives set (Buttle 2008).

The next critical step that the business should put in place is the allowance to set objectives leading to the attaining of functionality. The attaining of goals set by the company should be the driving force to the achievement of functionality. The business should assess whether the system set in place is of importance to the organization. This helps the business to eliminate costs incurred by the system. This system must ensure that it reduces all technological costs incurred, increases the performances of the business, and that it ensures the value of customers that is identified. The business should also assure that the application of technology establishes and increases the area that it functions in.

The company should ensure that it cuts and minimizes the customization of all the leverages. The use of customization in a more increased way leads to many businesses’ having and using a lot of finances, it leads to overrun of their budgets. Achievement of these results is only possible if the company agrees to cut short part of its budget. This ensures that the business achieves the results associated with the system put in place. This step is enacted if the business considers what the existing system has to do. This assessment provides the answer to whether customization should be undertaken.

Another critical step that the business should consider is ensuring that it uses and puts into force the trained expertise. Consultants who are conversant with the system should be involved in the process of monitoring and evaluation of the system. These consultants should ensure that they achieve the acquired results under the budget that has been enacted. This is achieved if the business ensures that it hires only those consultants that have been certified by the software developers. This aspect gives the business the trust that it is dealing with people who have the best understanding of the system (Cunningham 2002).

It is necessary to add, the business should ensure that it interacts with those who come into contact with the system. The end users of the system should be briefed to ensure that they provide the performance of the system. This aspect should help the business to rate the system’s performance. This process gives the customers the idea that the company provides quality services.


The attaining of better performance is the main determinant of the system’s work. The management should ensure that it plays the biggest role in the success of the system. Motivation is another key aspect that the business should include to achieve success. Every business should also ensure that it crosschecks its system to assure it reduces its budget. It is due to the management to give a detailed plan of the ways of the offered by the system services utilization.

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