Human Rights in America


The issue of human rights has always been one of the most important elements required for development of humankind. From ancient time human rights defined what people from different societies could or could not do. The overall development of social relations and institutions has led to the creation of a strict set of rules designed to govern every type of human activities. Nowadays, this set of rules is called the system of human rights and is divided into different sections that govern specific areas of human activities like labor rights, housing rights, etc. Nevertheless, some serious problems remain unsolved by certain areas of human rights, especially in certain regions with specific national rights. Therefore, it is essential to analyze the interactions between different types of human rights in order to clearly understand how each type works, what problems remain and how they could be solved.


The development of human society has led to creation of human rights systems designed to preserve and protect people’s essential rights through governing different spheres of human activities. It would be logical to assume that high moral and social development of humanity nowadays has resulted in unquestionable respect for human rights all over the world. But reality seems to be completely different from such optimistic thoughts.

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According to recent surveys and research, it can be clearly stated that the system of human rights does not work properly in different regions of the world (“Are human rights universal rights?”, 2005). This problem is especially topical for countries that prefer sticking to old traditions and using questionable law system. There are many examples of such countries in modern world like Islamic countries or undeveloped African and Latin American countries. National rights in these countries are different from universal human rights that are considered normal in civilized world. For example, in most Islamic countries women and men possess different personal rights. It can be evenly stated that women are denied most of the rights that are considered integral in developed countries like rights to vote, receive quality education or work in certain areas. The current situation in African countries seems to be even worse. Aside from inequality in men’s and women’s rights there are major problems regarding cruel and brutal treatment of citizens. The governments of African countries that rely on military power can do almost anything to their citizens, including tortures and even killings of innocent people. Therefore, it can be stated that national rights in some countries do not provide the full spectrum of essential universal human rights. This happens due to lack of moral, cultural and social development in certain countries.

It is also a known problem that the governments of some developed countries like the USA still preserve the practice of death penalty that goes against universal human right to live. According to recent research, some developed countries also seek to redefine torture. This could lead to such disastrous consequences like creating an environment in which intolerance, racism and xenophobia can flourish (“Are human rights universal rights?”, 2005). Therefore, it is essential to preserve high moral values in order to avoid these consequences. In my opinion, the value of human rights in closely connected to both liberal and republican views on citizenship. Both liberal and republic systems have their advantages and disadvantages. The liberal system provides greater personal freedom and tolerance to all social groups, but it imposes too lenient punishment for crimes. The republican system provides greater social protection at the cost of some measure of personal freedom. Therefore, it is impossible to tell which system contributes more to the principles of human rights.

Two more important issues concerning universal human rights in the modern world are the questions of labor and housing rights. It is clear that decent living conditions require adequate salary and housing provision. It is a common knowledge that labor rights are protected by law, but according to recent research there are many problems concerning their compliance. The development of technical progress and world economy has led to creation on huge international companies that employ people from all over the world. Such companies rush for maximum profit at all costs that leads to ignoring many aspects of labor rights (Oviendo, 2008 ). Many of these international companies are located in the USA. For example, many of these companies do not provide quality working conditions, adequate salary or decent working schedule (Oviendo, 2008). The problem of ignoring labor rights is also topical for undeveloped African and Latin American countries, many Islamic countries and some countries of Asian region.

This occurs due to poor economic situation in these countries or complete disdain for people’s right justified by cultural traditions (Oviendo, 2008). Ignoring human labor rights can lead to negative consequences like social tension, decrease of production efficiency and deterioration of overall economic situation. The issue of ignoring housing rights is also a very serious problem topical for developed and undeveloped countries. According to specialists, it is essential to receive a high salary in order to maintain quality housing conditions in developed countries like the USA (Gomez & Thiele, 2005). Therefore, people from poor families and certain social group cannot afford to have decent housing conditions. Poor overall economic situation in undeveloped countries also leads to lack of decent housing conditions for people from different social groups. It is also important to understand that most of the governments do not put enough efforts into providing their citizens with decent housing conditions, leaving the problem to be solved by people themselves (Gomez & Thiele, 2005). Ignoring housing rights leads to social distress and major dissatisfaction with government system that could result even in armed riots.


Taking into consideration all information given above it can be stated that ignoring essential human rights can lead to serious negative consequences for whole human society. Therefore, it is essential to preserve and protect human rights by implementing effective justice system worldwide. Such actions shall ensure further development and prosperity of humanity for generations to come.

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