Employment Laws, Policies and Processes


To select the right person for the available positions, one should use the job interview process and methods that will help to define the necessary knowledge and skills. Moreover, it is crucial to follow employment laws to make the interview more reliable and legal. However, the organization can face different problems while employing temporary workers and independent contractors. Current essay intends to explain employment laws, policies and processes during interview. Moreover, the paper shows the effectiveness of HR policies and reveals the peculiarities of an inconvenient workforce.


Job interview process presupposes such stages: the selection of applicants, creating the interview, completing the interview, checking availability of interviewers and applicants, entering interview feedback, conducting the interview and its confirming. The job interview process can be planned, but it should also include such features as creativity, spontaneity, strategic thinking, and predictability. It is evident that there should be a mutual cooperation between all participants of the job interview process to make it efficient and fruitful. To choose the needed person for the available positions, one must combine different methods like the Internet job posting, using recruitment agencies, print advertisements, and employee referrals. All these methods will be efficient if one improves and uses them with the creativity (Allen, 2014).

In the process of interviewing, it is crucial to consider such employment laws as Fair Labor Standards Act and the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. Fair Labor Standards Act presupposes providing fair working hours and wages. The Rehabilitation Act of 1973 allows employing people with disabilities. Non-compliance with these laws can lead to such ramifications as poor reputation, lack of the talented employees, and complaints about the organization. Employment laws can also establish the positive relations between the organization and government. It is crucial to see the law regulations concerning labor and employment as the driving forces of the company. Moreover, the organization should include employment laws in their policy to fulfill them constantly (Ford, 2014).

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Another issue with the process of employment refers to an unconventional workforce that consists of temporary workers and independent contractors. An unconventional workforce demands following employee-benefit laws. Moreover, temporary workers demand more bonuses and rewards for their work. Another problem with the independent contractors is that they evaluate their knowledge and skills, therefore, the demand compensations and bonuses threatening to leave. An unconventional workforce can be beneficial for the organization as it is dynamic and flexible. However, an unconventional workforce can encounter issues in building relationships with an employer.

Building relationships with each worker can encounter such issues as conflicts between team members, dissatisfaction of an employee with his/her position in the company, and low productivity because of the period of adaptation. All these issues can be solved, but an employer should respect his/her employees and create ethical conditions for their adaptation and involvement into the work.

During the relationship building process, one should follow such laws as Civil Rights Act of 1964 and American with Disabilities Act to provide an equal attitude to every employee. All these laws forbid discrimination and protect an employee on the basis of gender, national origin, religion, and race. These laws would help to create positive attitudes within the organization. Fair conditions of work can raise the employees’ productivity and performance. As a result, it can provide a positive legal image and reputation of the company and its leader (Ford, 2014).

The effectiveness of the organization’s HR processes and policies should be addressed to promotion of the diverse employees. One offers such ways as using of the innovative technologies, implementation of conflict management, integration and socialization of employees. Without doubt, the result and efficiency will not be immediate. However, these ways will influence positively the aspect of the diversity in the workplace. Since the diversity can be viewed as a strength and competitive advantage, it is necessary to apply it properly. Support and encouragement of employees should be also included in HR policy.

The organization should develop the strategy to promote the glass ceiling effect and prevent reverse discrimination. One has to recommend implementation of diversity management standards based on the laws and legal regulations. Moreover, it will be efficient to use anti-harassment procedures (Yerby, 2013).

Nobody denies the fact that diversity benefits any organization. It is morally correct as it creates an equal opportunity for every employee. Moreover, diversity makes an economic sense. Since a diverse workforce improves the economic growth, it may gain a great consumer market share. The multigenerational workplace creates a sense of security for their stakeholders, customers, and employees. For this reason, the organizations should use this aspect for future perspectives. Diversity management goals should be legally coordinated and used in the interests of both sides: an employer and employees.


In conclusion, one should say that HR policy of the organization should be based on the legal regulations and laws that guarantee safety and security to every employee. Employers should follow ethical principles when it comes to conflicts and misunderstanding with their employees. Employment laws should be the basis of the processes of selection and recruitment as they open equal career opportunities for employees with the racial and ethnical differences and people with disabilities. Director of HR Department is responsible for following laws and regulations and protecting employees’ rights. Both new and current employees should feel comfortable while cooperating with each other due to the organizational culture and legal protection.

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