Men’s Health

Widespread Issues in Men’s Health

Each community relies heavily on the contribution of men to achieve its development agenda. There are, however, various issues that may hinder their full participation in the development endeavors. In the city of Miami, there are various issues facing men (Kirby, 2009). The document “Healthy People 2020” outlines several men related issues.

The first topic is HIV. Centers for Disease Control and Infection (CDC) indicated that Miami had the highest rate of HIV infection among men. The disease is widespread among bisexual and gay men. The strategies used by the government to contain the spread HIV among these people have not been felt and, therefore, there is a need to seek for alternative mechanisms of dealing with this worrying trend (Kirby, 2009).

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The second topic relates to cancer. The most widespread cancer among men is prostate cancer. It requires early intervention in order to save the life of the patient. The document “Healthy People 2020” aspires to reduce the rate of infection by 10 percent. In Miami, prostate cancer is the most common killer disease especially among African-American population. The screening services have not been able to reach all men, and some men do not have knowledge on the importance of screening. However, in order to achieve the vision envisioned in “Healthy People 2020”, all men above 50 years should recognize the importance of screening and embrace it as a health benefit.

The third topic relates to nutrition and weight status. Obesity is the most widespread issue where 33 percent of men in Miami are either overweight or obese. Health professionals have sounded a warning that obesity and overweight rates have reached an epidemic proportion in the city. The condition is caused by the poor diet and physical inactivity (Brown, 2010). Though some genetic factors play a role, they are not entirely responsible for obesity. Therefore, the strategies employed in dealing with the epidemics have to be looked into afresh in order to ensure achievement of the objectives in the “Healthy People 2020”.

The fourth topic is substance abuse. In Miami, marijuana use is widespread among men especially those in middle ages. Miami has the largest consumers of illicit drugs thereby surpassing other big cities, such as Chicago, Washington, and New York. The use of other substances, such as cocaine and meth, is also rampant. For instance, the use of meth has risen with more than 500 percent. The abuse of these drugs makes majority of the people unable to conduct their daily activities as required (Brown, 2010).

Tobacco use is another issue facing men in the community. 9 percent of men in Miami smoke daily. According to a survey conducted in Miami- Dade County, 28 percent of high school students have attempted to smoke cigarettes. The use of the substances has negative consequences on the health of an individual. Therefore, urgent measures should be taken to reverse these trends. This will ensure that the vision of having a drug free society by the year 2020 is decreasing (Statistics, 2011).

The last topic is respiratory diseases. The most common respiratory disease is lung cancer. The disease affects a significant number of people in Miami. “Healthy People 2020” document has enlisted the disease as one of the major areas of concerns. However, the strategies should be enhanced in order to ensure that men are guaranteed of receiving quality care in case a person contracts the disease.

In brief conclusion, healthy people have enlisted majority of issues facing men in the city of Miami. These issues are critical and should be addressed with urgency.

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