Health Problems in the USA

Three Health Problems that Pose the Greatest Threat to the U.S.

Health is the normal physiological functioning of all organs and systems of the body, both under normal conditions and in the period of physical and mental exertion. Physical health means normal operation of healthy tissues and organs and the natural absence of pain. However, despite the attention paid to the health by modern society, the scopes of problem development are terrifying. The point is that with the development of human society the diseases and illnesses, both mental and physical, develop as well. The current state of disease distribution and development rate show that despite the rise in medical technologies, the health of human beings is accompanied by various health problems to the greater extent every day. The United States of America, as one of the biggest and most developed countries in the world, faces a considerable number of various health threats. The statistic data and research allow one to predict what health problems pose the greatest threats to the United States society and, thus, find solutions to these problems.

Food and Diet

Food is one of the important conditions of human existence. Modern “food problem” comprises both the quality of food eaten by the American society and their diet. Since the nutrition is a vital necessity of a human being, its violation due to different reasons poses a great threat to the health. The most common food eaten by an ordinary American is a hamburger, French fries, and potato chips (Holben, 2010). It is widely known that this food contains a lot of fat and carbohydrates, leading to the obesity problem. Obesity, in its turn, leads to more severe health problems, the most common of which is heart failure (Holben, 2010). The number of obese and overweight people in America grows every day. Due to the speed of modern American life, especially in large cities, people pay less attention to what they eat; the most important thing is the speed of eating. Thus, fast food becomes the most suitable solution.

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In addition, even in case a person has a healthy diet, the quality of American food is low. The reason is that so-called “meat animals” on farms have improper diet and, thus, suffer from health problems, and vegetables are grown with pesticides and genetic engineering techniques (Holben, 2010). The attention is paid to the quantity of food but not its quality. There are so-called organic products, which are grown naturally without applying any growing techniques. However, usually such products are too expensive for common Americans; thus, they buy an ordinary one and have health problems like E. coli bacteria, indigestion and poisoning (Holben, 2010).

The greatest challenge which poses the most serious health threat is that the money-making interest of food companies means more that the human health. Thus, the production of dangerous products continues. In addition, people do not want to change their diet since pleasure has become the most desired thing for a human being, and in most cases, the taste of food, especially the pleasure it brings, is the key factor in choosing fast food. The most obvious solution to this health problem is to make people change their mind towards unhealthy food. Today the healthy diet propaganda is already working; however, the rate at which people are “turning into this faith” is considerably lower than that of preferring fast food. Another solution is to protect people from the bad-quality food by adopting a proper legislation for those, who grow products in an unnatural way. In addition, this legislation may create preferences that help to lower the price of organic products. These activities would help to make healthy food more accessible.

Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is one of the most urgent problems of modern clinical oncology because among the variety of diseases that the modern woman faces, this disease holds the first place in the most economically developed countries. Such type of cancer is the most widespread one, and every day from two to six women are diagnosed with breast cancer. In the United States, breast cancer kills nearly 45,000 women annually. Moreover, if earlier the disease developed mainly in women older than 50 years, now it affects significantly “younger” women in their forties, thirties, and even twenty years (Kingsbury, 2007). These factors make the disease a threat not only to the United States female population, but for women in the world.

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According to experts, modern women are inattentive to own health. Such carelessness creates the great challenge for an oncologist to treat this disease since it often happens that a woman comes to the hospital when the disease is already starting to be felt (Kingsbury, 2007). Therefore, the treatment is difficult and long. However, the statistics say that the survival of women with breast cancer diagnosed at stage 1 is one hundred percent (Kingsbury, 2007). Therefore, a woman who does not appeal to professionals shortens the life by her own hands. Thus, the solution to the problem of breast cancer, regardless of age, is once a month to pass a thorough self-examination in a specific pattern. Therefore, the regular comprehensive annual survey, which includes a visit to the gynaecologist and endocrinologist, is of paramount importance. In addition, another solution is to familiarize young girls with the dangers of this disease. Since cancer has become younger, the necessity of propagating at least self-examination among young girls in high schools is vital. Consequently, this would warn women about the consequences of the disease and probably decrease the number of deaths from breast cancer in the future.

Antibiotic-Resistant Infections

Antibiotics are medication used to treat and prevent a wide variety of diseases and pathological conditions caused by bacteria. These medicines were discovered more than 70 years ago and made a revolution in the health care, saving the lives of millions of people worldwide and preventing life-threatening infections that can occur during surgery (Gottlieb, & Nimmo, 2011). Misuse or overuse of antibiotics allows bacteria to adapt defensively, which makes antibiotics ineffective. It is called antibiotic resistance, and this is a growing threat since more bacteria are becoming resistant to antibiotics (Tavernise, 2013). At the same time, over the last 25 years no new classes of antibiotics have been discovered. Therefore, while existing antibiotics become ineffective, new antibiotics do not exist and are not expected to replace the existing ones. Thus, this means that time might come when there will be no antibiotics to treat common bacterial infections. As a result, this would make such re-infection life threatening and throw the humanity back to the situation that existed before the discovery of antibiotics (Bernstein, 2014). In fact, this problem poses a threat not only to the United States population but also to the whole world. However, as a developed country, America was one of the first to report the scopes of the threat (Gottlieb, & Nimmo, 2011).

The greatest challenge triggered by this health threat is improper usage of antibiotics by people who did not end a course of treatment, intake them without the necessity, and too frequently use antibiotics (Tavernise, 2013). Resistance to antibiotics is a natural process; all microorganisms may eventually develop resistance to the drugs used to combat them. Nevertheless, the implementation of national strategies, rational use of medicines by health professionals and patients and the appropriate use of antibiotics in veterinary medicine and animal husbandry activities in conjunction with infection control can significantly slow the development of antimicrobial resistance. In addition, a good solution may be to detect microorganisms, which are already resistant to antibiotics. Consequently, this will create a base for new discoveries and new drugs.


In conclusion, as it can be seen from the above-mentioned, in the next decade the population of the United States will face great health problems. Apparently, this fact cannot be neglected since in case nothing would be done, the scopes of the problems would grow further. Thus, the implementation of proposed solutions as well as propaganda of attentive attitude to the own health may decrease the threat and with time eliminate it.

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