Causes and Effects Immigration in the US

Reasons for People’s Immigration

People migrate because of political as well as economic issues that are pressing their home countries. Such movement of people has both negative and positive impact on the individuals, their home countries, and the recipient countries. It is estimated that the world has 191 million immigrants out of which 115 million reside in developed countries. US alone host about 20% of the immigrants. In other words, 13% of US population is immigrants. As a result, the recipient countries such as European countries have developed measure to control threats of immigration.

People migrate to other countries due to several reasons. These may include natural calamity, deficiency family issues, political instability, and voluntary choice. It may also occur due to profitable or political reasons. There are two main factors that cause immigration. We have push and pull factors. Push factors force people to leave their original country for a foreign one while pull factors attract them into foreign country.

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Push factors include war, escape from justice and poverty. Immigration may occur due to harassment or war in the home country. Religious or political dilemma can make people to move to other countries for safety and peace. War and violent activities like terrorism can also contribute to immigration. For example, the citizens of Somalia and Sudan have become immigrants in the US due to war in their nations. Poverty in the third world countries has also made many people to migrate to the US in search of better life.

Pull factors consist of education and financial breakthrough. Many people migrate from their countries to the US in search for better education. Employment and better financial status are also major pull factors that make people to migrate to America. People usually move from overpopulated countries like Nigeria where jobs are scarce to be employed in the US. The situation has worsened currently due to global joblessness.

Effects of Immigration for US

Because of immigration, US have suffered political, economic and cultural issues. In view of Mundra, it originally promoted bilateral trade. But this was weakened when the immigrants were accepted in the American culture. According to Borjas, politicians argued that the situation had spoilt the identity of America. It has also contributed to cheap labor and raised dependency on welfare. Terror threats increased, for example the 9/11 terror attack in America. Immigration is also a threat to law and order in US. According Andreas, the immigrants from different origins would bring with them foreign ideologies. This could influence the local culture and hence threaten law and order in the US. 

Control and management of immigration was urgently required. Politicians voiced their concern over the matter which was going out of hand. The American federal government decided to contain the situation. According to Elden, strict measures were introduced on immigration policy. Detention and deportation were intensified by the government authorities. There was increased border surveillance and the number of immigrants was immediately under guard. According to Tichenor, mass deportations were done in US. In 1954, there was a public outcry about the immigrants. In response to this, the government implemented the Operation Wetback. This led to the deportation of approximately 1.3 million Mexicans from the US.


In conclusion, immigration is major challenge in the United States. The writing has adequately indicated through the discussion on the causes and its effects on America. Government has made appropriate efforts to control the threat. Further research and proper governance can also help to improve the situation.

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