Walt Disney Company

Walt Disney Company Introduction

Founded in 1922, the Walt Disney has become one of the best world’s leading companies in the entertainment industry. In this century, the company operates on a higher level with over sixty thousand employees globally and many shareholders. Many factors have contributed to success and failures of this multinational corporation throughout the time of its becoming a world’s leading family entertaining business. The company’s entrance barriers are relatively high since it has been able to find a unique niche in the entertainment industry. The company has managed to transcend against all odds and has achieve great growth over time. Certainly, the departments of research, finance, and marketing contributed in the development, which has been taking place.

Primary Issues Facing the Company

The primary threat to the company is always the external competition. Despite the fact that the niche in which the Disney Company is operating has a relatively high entrance barrier, the possibility of new competition emerging cannot be underestimated. There is a huge risk of strong competition in the network television and movie business areas. The Disney Company is considered the intruder in both areas, and this becomes even difficult for it to compete with other powerful rivals who have established themselves in the two areas. Facing with new figures and characters is also becoming a threat for the company though much less significant. Recently, many new figures in the cartoon business have been appearing every day throughout the world, on television and in theaters.

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Many huge companies will always have internal problems, and Disney is no exception. The company is struggling with its internal weaknesses. Since its foundation, Disney has been battling with its internal problems ranging from huge workforce located in the most parts of the world, frequent changes in top management, and very high expenses. All these internal weakness only create communication problems and a pyramid of bureaucracy within the business. These problems are projected to be growing as the company integrates into more niches, which provokes the growing number of its workforce. Thus, it forces the organization to keep pace and be able to give vital support to such expansion.

Appropriate Actions and Strategy for the Disney

The management should spend many resources for encouraging group creativity and teamwork. This should work for the benefit of the company as well as the employees. The participants should be required to come up with different ideas. There should be a new synergy in Disney corporate aiming to improve its brand and raise the value of its products. The company should focus on engaging in different forms of entertainment that are new in the industry aiming to attract both kids and adult customers. When a large emphasis is placed on the talented employees who create new works of art, new ideas will be developed. Undoubtedly, it is necessary to gather such employees together and exchange new business concepts and ideas. The company’s top objective should be to have slow, but steady growth and not to be eager to impress anyone in the business. This growth can only be achieved through interesting approaches that should emphasize the business expansion.

It is paramount for the Disney Company to satisfy its customers by meeting their demand with a relative supply of goods and services that are adequate for them. Providing business through effective marketing can accomplish this approach. The company has to embrace a policy of corporate efficiency and restraint. The rapid increase in the cost of film production directly affects the profitability of the business in the movie industry. The Disney Company can release more profitable and less expensive movies through cutting down the total cost of both production and marketing of the films. The company should find new marketing and distribution channels such as the Internet to reduce their overall cost.

Such available resources as the great number of company’s employees all over the globe and few other resources to be input in the process allow the company to emerge as one of the best producing firms in the entertainment industry. The staff can work as a team to create different cartoon characters that can add zest in the Disney business thereby increasing its segment in the market.

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The company has to embrace these suggestions as a course of action rather than just alternative options. These strategies are focusing on diversifying the products and service of the company without incurring any extra cost or running at a loss. The company has to create an umbrella effect through these strategies that will help it to compete in the market effectively. This effect can only be created through rapid overseas expansion of the firm and an increase in the products and services. This also will help the company to minimize the risks when one of its products fails to satisfy the customers. In such a case, the other products will be ready automatically to cover up the losses incurred by the first product.

As the market competition from other entertaining companies is still real, the Disney Company should at least record an increase in its number of businesses all over the globe. The 20% growth is still within reach. With such strategies and the coherent implementation, the company is required to be reborn and stand strong in the entertainment industry. Even though the implementation of the strategies will require both human resources and financial power, the overall return is required to be broad at the end. The strategies are meant to bring a new taste in the business, which the customers are expected to embrace and support. New ideas will significantly improve the competitive ability of the company on the market.


All the strategies listed above are aiming at restoring the Walt Disney Company to its original status as the king of entertainment across the globe. The company has to look at the means with which it can generate products and services that will help to improve its competitiveness on the market and win customers trust. The products should be of a relatively low cost, aiming at a maximum profit. Risks are inevitable in business, but those to be taken by the Disney Company must be worth the efforts.