The Sony Corporation

The Sony Corporation: a Case Study in Transnational Media Management

Transnational media companies include those companies that provide information and entertainment to both local and foreign consumers. Sony Corporation is a company that qualifies to become a transnational media company that serves more than two countries across the world. This corporation was founded after the defeat of Japan in the World War II. Today, the Sony Group is one large company that focuses on electronic goods, games, entertainment, and additionally participates in financial services sector. This corporation is a unique one that has survived all the changes and new developments within the business environment. The company has a clear organizational structure that is continuing to streamline results every fiscal year.

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Sony Corporation was founded by people who had passion, people who wanted to see the company grow to greater heights. The founder had a positive “can do” attitude. This brought about good results and performance during his tenure. The founder of Sony believed that companies should stress individual’s capabilities. This greatly helped in shaping up major events within this corporation. Achieving operational efficiency in Sony Corporation was a primary task for the founder and other management staff. The founder and his team believed that product development together with research and development were avenues that could make customers enjoy products of the company. The founder also secured a future of Sony Corporation through innovation and invention. Electronic devices were improved greatly without investing much funds in innovations outside the company.

Within the company, employee’s ideas are considered paramount and vital for company’s innovation of new products. This move is considered important because customer tastes and fashion needs have to be met. The Sony Corporation also values success both within and outside of the company. This notion ensures high motivation level of employees and other stakeholders. Right from employees themselves a ready market is created for company’s products. This has been possible in Sony, especially due to dependable and reliable procedures that enable production of high quality products. Such notions are profitable to the company and beneficial to employees.

Company’s Vision, Mission, and Values

On management and corporate governance, the Sony Corporation enjoys its prospectus. This paper outlines guidelines and other simple operational procedures. Within the prospectus contents include company’s vision, mission, and values. The first section outlines various purposes of company’s incorporation. This statement pulls together minds of all stakeholders to work towards a common goal and meet desired objectives. In this way, every stakeholder is motivated to contribute to company’s success. The purpose of incorporation is to offer great insight in what the whole company is about and what its objectives are. One of the values stressed that Sony Corporation was set up with open-mindedness and a spirit of freedom. It aims to create a working environment that will encourage engineers to exercise their relevant technological skills.

Other purposes were to ensure that the corporation contributed largely to reconstructing Japan as well as to bring it to higher levels of performance. These purposes were, however, far reaching and touching the hearts of many. Consumers of Sony products and services did not just buy goods, but they viewed it as a chance to rebuild the nation and preserve their own culture. In addition, the aim to promptly apply advanced technologies to common households also influenced Japanese home market. The corporation came closer to its local customers through these brilliant objectives. Sony Corporation also ensured the use of innovative technological findings from various universities and other research institutions. This company also ensured the implementation of researches that were helpful to the households. This one aspect gives a lot of strength to the company because such research is normally cheaper to use and implement. Furthermore, these studies are realistic and unbiased as they were carried out by parties free of prejudice of any kind.

In their quest to promote operational efficiency students and scholars appreciate when a big company like Sony considers their research. A good analysis of business environment can also be carried out easily without having to spend much time on it. It is even possible to carry out business without knowing the actual conditions in the market. Findings from researches also tend to look at other features from various angles, therefore, giving companies a better view and helping them improve problem solving in various situations. Issues of competition or even product death will never become a problem in this company, especially when fresh and up-to-date researches are considered from reliable sources across the world.

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The purpose of bringing radio communication and other similar devices to households was the one that would see greater information exchange among nation’s citizens. In this manner, many consumers can use and enjoy products of this company. This kind of selling and delivering goods to consumers ensures a ready market that never shrinks. The economy also manages to gain more because of the increase in circulation of money. People will always feel good when they know that they are using products of a company that is being relied upon internationally.

The noble aim to offer assistance in reconstruction of communication network that was damaged pushed Sony Corporation’s sales to greater heights. Many more consumers sought to buy company’s devices because they would use them after a purchase. This move saw the company participate in corporate social responsibility, yet in itself it was just another marketing strategy to make sure that the company sells its products at end of every business day. Sony Corporation uses modern methods of production and those of doing business. Trends analyses are common tools that have helped bring this company to the new era without any losses. The company is able to cross boundaries easily at the lowest costs possible. This corporation has branches all over the world. Even if there are no branches, there are many dealers focused on Sony products.

Some agents and outlets have decided to be loyal to Sony brands for one reason: consumers have never returned or complained about any Sony’s product and brand. This is one great way of minimizing overall costs of operation and achieving desired efficiency of the management chain. Almost zero level of customer returns and complaints is a positive sign that the company is doing its job well.

Perfect Structure of Sony

The organizational structure of Sony has been designed perfectly to allow for adequate production in accordance with the new era demands. One final aspect that has kept this company in touch with corporate responsibility issues is promotion of education, especially sciences, among the public. This move gave direct and indirect consumers a chance to benefit from company’s success. However, this move also plays a great role of encouraging people to consume more of Sony products because they know that mutual benefits exist. Overall success of this company, therefore, seems to be an affair that is enjoyed across the world. Through these beautiful values, Sony Corporation has never stopped flourishing even during difficult times.

Recently, competition has become a matter of concern for many companies, and Sony is one company that has gone through all forms of competition both within local and global markets. Product and market moderation have been key elements that ensured survival in the technology business. In terms of technology and product life cycles, the company is now focusing more on home electric appliances and communication equipment. More vital in the product life cycle is that Sony Corporation is concentrating on content and services because these two are essential in the overall usage of devices and other appliances. This move was made by the company to promote and improve end user benefits that come with products they own and possess as much as possible.

This is entirely another way of promoting product differentiation. It increases chances of product survival in the market. Such improvement of its product is a positive move that will ensure supply of reliable products across the world. In this manner, the company is building a good rapport, which will see its sales grow as planned. Content and service is dynamic business, which has proven that Sony can integrate vertically thereby promoting its business and keeping loyalty of consumers at desirable levels. The company currently is focusing on software components to make sure that consumers enjoy the hardware from Sony Company. This will ensure greater functionally of all Sony branded products across the world.

Sony’s vision is mainly to focus on broadband networks. This vision seeks to ensure that Sony becomes the most preferred provider of broadband entertainment and other related products. This vision really shows how control and coordination plays major roles in ensuring achievement of desirable results. For example, in terms of music and videos the company seeks to create web content and other associated hardware that will work in harmony and produce competitive entertainment systems. These new ideas will surely keep Sony products on the market shelves. However, this vision is one that is difficult to realize. It requires substantial investment in terms of market research and product development strategies.

In order to fulfil product market strategy, Sony is continually applying information technologies to production, distribution, product design, and sales. The management perceives this move as the one that will promote core business of electronics across the global market. Innovation and change process at Sony are directed in a closely coordinated manner. The company is venturing into interesting initiatives such as e-commerce, car navigation systems, and video game competition systems. All these initiatives have brought positive changes to this company.

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Sony Corporation has a structure that is highly complex. It has a hybrid structure. It is made of a multiple divisions, which makes it hard to classify further. This type of structure has enabled smooth operations within the company. Furthermore, this structure has also enabled effective control and coordination of regional offices across the world. The organizational structure of Sony is continually being shaped by cultural challenges that arise in business every day. Sony Corporation deals with large number of employees and consumers from varying backgrounds. Culture within this company is somewhat challenging even to management professionals themselves because Sony is a Japanese company. This fact makes many employees minorities even though they have been working for the company for years.

For example, Howard Stringer, though he has exemplary work experience within the company, still is regarded a minority. If owners of Sony Company consider using culture as one of the major determinants of positions of leadership then very little will be achieved. The company serves diverse consumers and, therefore, it has to be culturally sensitive because of the international nature of the company and its goods that are sold in the market. According to recent statistics, very small profits are coming from Japan lately. This is a signal that cultural issues must be put aside by this company and work towards a common goal. Having international CEO’s is one way of improving the way culture is perceived in the company.

Culture is one vital aspect that should dwell much on the transactions and not on personal employees working for the company. Cultural consideration is one factor that greatly distorts the truth because management should always consider fair view of events, especially when they are considering promotions and appointments. If culture comes in, people with capabilities and necessary talents will never be noticed at all. This will be the beginning of failure.

Strategy formulation issues within this company have never been a problem since it encourages dynamic thinking that is reliable and relevant to the existing business environment. Sony Corporation fully utilizes existing data during strategy formulation. To achieve its goals, the company is clear in its direction to implement its vision and mission. A master plan is incorporated to ensure that every product line is preserved and given necessary attention so that it can attract optimum sales in the market.


Finally, the market is a very dynamic environment, and consumers are changing very fast. However, strategy formulation is becoming a vital function that should harmonize production needs so that reliable and relevant products go into the market. Sony employs sophisticated decision making models that produce accurate results with low chances of failure during implementation. Sony is enjoying the best leadership in its culture, which enables adequate grooming of all potential leaders. Working at Sony Japan is not the same as in other branches outside Japan. This whole idea means that there is cultural dynamism within this company. Rituals and other rites will never be the same for employees in these different branches.