Essay on Death


Death is a topic that most people do not discuss. People fear death because they do not know its outcome and because it takes away their loved ones. However, some people do not fear death because it is a passage of life and it cannot be avoided. Every culture has its views on death. The Christians, for example, believe in the eternal life after death in heaven. The fact is that death is a passage that all human beings will have to go through. Death is not an option and if it were, many would opt otherwise. In fact, nobody knows the time, the day or the place that this event will occur. There are different causes of death. Accident is the leading cause of death in the world, with road accidents on the top of the list. Diseases such as cancer, HIV/AIDS and stroke also claim human life. For some people death may occur naturally, while others commit suicide.

Causes of Death

Death is the ending of life. No one is promised of tomorrow and the only thing to count on is today. Every culture has its own understanding of death, but no one really knows what happens after death. This makes the topic of death more complicated. People are afraid of death because it takes the life of the loved ones and because they do not know what happens afterwards.

Some people know when their death will occur, for instance, when diagnosed with a terminal illness. These people have a chance to bid their loved ones goodbye and fulfill their final wishes. This is not always the case because death strikes like lightening in some cases. A sudden death may occur through a tragic accident.

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Death is caused by accidents, diseases, trauma, crime, drug abuse or a natural disaster. Death should be avoided at all cost, because some of these causes can be avoided. People should be encouraged to excise regularly and take a balanced diet to avoid some of the diseases. Road accidents can also be avoided by being more keen and careful when driving.

There are different causes of death in the world. In some countries the leading cause of death is infectious diseases, while in some it is road accidents. In some other countries terrorism and war has claimed many lives. One of the consequences of a natural disaster is death. The environment keeps changing and sometimes a natural event causes a lot of damage. An earthquake, for example, claims the lives of many people. The most recent earthquake in Japan led to the death of many civilians. Strong winds, such as the hurricanes, are also a cause of death. In addition, lightening is also a calamity that causes death. A calamity is the worst cause because it causes the death of so many people. Nobody anticipates the occurrence of any calamity and it therefore causes irreversible damage.

Accidents are the leading causes of death. An accident can occur anywhere; at home, work place or school. However, road accidents are the most common. Many people have lost their loved ones through tragic road accidents. Horrible accidents at the work place such as fire can also cause death.

A bite from a poisonous animal is another cause of death. Some animals, such as snakes, can be very dangerous. A bite from such an animal may cause death if one does not get medical assistance in time. This is not a very common cause of death.

Another cause of death is disease. Some diseases are terminal and scientists have not been able to get a cure. In some cases, when a disease is detected early, it can be contained. Some diseases are common among the old people; some are common among the children. Different types of diseases claim the lives of so many people in the world today. These diseases include: cancer, heart attack, HIV/AIDS, stroke and pneumonia.

In some cases people commit suicide. People face different challenges in their life. Some people are strong enough to face the challenges, but some will opt to commit suicide. In the United States of America suicide overtook car crashes as a cause of death, according to a research.

Abuse of drugs has killed many people in the world. According to a report by the World Health Organization, tobacco smoking claimed the lives of one hundred million people in the world. Smoking tobacco causes lung cancer and in the end death will occur. Excessive consumption of alcohol causes liver cancer and eventually death. Abuse of drugs has claimed the lives of many young people from different parts of the world.

Another cause of death is murder. This is a crime that is on the rise as many people are murdered by robbers. The reasons behind murder maybe different, but the most common is personal interest.

Preventing Death

Death can be prevented in some cases. Most of the road accidents occur due to the ignorance of a driver or the pedestrian. Drivers should follow the traffic rules that have been put in place to avoid some of the road accidents. Pedestrians should also be careful when crossing the road. To ensure this is done, there should be clearly spelt out rules for everyone to follow to avoid these accidents. The responsible authorities should monitor drivers and pedestrians behavior and impose heavy punishments on those who break the rules. Through this people will be more careful and the accidents caused by carelessness will be done away with.

At the workplace an employer should ensure that rooms are well designed so that they are proper ways to deal with accidents. For example, fire extinguishers should be put in various places to ensure that in case a fire starts it will be contained. This should be the case in all areas including homes and also schools. To ensure that the installation of these devices will help, there should also be proper education for people to learn how to deal with these accidents so that they will not panic if such a situation arises.

Young people should also be educated on the effects of taking drugs. The government should also put up rehabilitation centers to help those who are abusing drugs. This education should be provided also for other people because they also human beings who are bound to face various challenges in their lives. Issues on drugs have mainly been addressed to the young people with the assumption that it is only them who use them. Drug education should be provided to everyone in schools, workplaces and other social institutions. By doing this, the deaths caused by drug abuse will be cut.

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Frequent medical check-ups can also be another way of preventing death. According to the scientists, most of the diseases can be cured if detected early enough. Through medical check-ups, doctors will be able to detect a disease at the right time and save the patient’s life. People should also take a balanced diet and exercise regularly. Medical services providing centers should also be provided with the proper facilities to deal with the patients problems. Many deaths have occurred due to lack of proper facilities in hospitals. Therefore availing medical care to all people and good facilities will play a big role in cutting the death rates.

Suicide is also a major cause of death. This is mainly due the lack of assistance to people to help them deal with stress and share problems. Therefore, provision of counseling services would be essential in areas such as schools and workplaces which would provide people with a chance to share any problems. Through sharing, proper ways to deal with the problems will be formulated and the victim will feel at ease after getting assistance.


Death changes the lives of the bereaved. If the person who has died in a family was the breadwinner, the family will have to look for other options to survive. Young children may lose their parents and become orphans. Death is therefore unfair and it should be avoided.

There are only two things you can count on in your life: death and taxes. Death is one thing that everyone is certain of in life but no one knows the time or the place. Life is the most precious gift and everyone should make good use of it. Everyone should try to make the best out of life by striving to achieve their dreams. People should try to make their wishes come true because death will strike without any warning.