BlackBerry Company


BlackBerry Company rebranded since 2003 as Research in Motion Limited is one of the Canadian based wireless and Telecommunication Companies. The company has made several equipments starting from Blackberry smart phones and tablets and it was founded by Mike Lazaridis in 1984. The company worked with several companies such as Sony Erikson in order to develop some Internet Technologies such as Email Network and two-way paging system up to 1998. Since then, the company has introduced several modern technology devices that have hit the market by not only being used by the businessmen but also by government representatices. In our business report, the current and future use of Internet Technologies of the Blackberry company will be discussed and analysed. The E-business background based on various theories and frameworks, e-marketing analysis of the company, Web-design and business to business analysis will be addressed as well. Moreover, the social networking /web 2.0 applications by the company will be discussed before providing conclusion and recommendation remarks to the company.

E-business Background

Electronic business is the process of doing business electronically and it is more demanding than electronic commerce. In most cases electronic business possesses broader scope of all electronically enabled businesses such as business to business, business to consumer and even business to public sector. The word was coined by the IBM CEO, Mr. Lou Gerstner who began to define and analyze the idea of network based computing. According to the World Wide Web theory, several adverts placed by the company through the web did better than those placed on catalog-based sales boards (Boone & Kurtz 2012). The advert promoted new sales level and hence various companies including BlackBerry and IBM decided to develop the E-business website through the website. Other business found that the website was a good site for placing customer service information such as location of products, corporate images and vacancies. As the website expanded, Internet business developed through other companies such as Amazon and eBay.

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According to the porters five force model, the BlackBerry Company is exposed to various tests on the Internet Technologies competitive strength and position against other companies such as Samsung, Amazon and IBM. The competition made the company apply extensive research, ideas and theories in the Internet based products such as BlackBerry. The theory advocates for innovative thinking to meet complex concept of the Internet products. BlackBerry Company may meet harness future reagarding Internet technology products such as new smart phones and tablets by being driven through the existing competitive rivalry from other suppliers such as Samsung, threat of new market entrants, power of the other IT companies and lastly, availability of substitute products. Through, the above model, the company will remain sophisticated and competitive in the Internet Technologies market.

E-Marketing Analysis

Electronic marketing refers to the use of Internet based technologies such as e-mail, websites and social media to advertise and promote products. The marketing team plays a vital role in promoting the company’s products and services, increasing profits and market share across the globe. The team may use company’s products such as BlackBerry smart phones to collect information from the customers regarding the ways products can be improved. By means social media such as Facebook and Twitter, they post questions such as: “how do current and potential new customers see the BlackBerry products?” Through the electronic marketing system, the team plans, develops and implements the company’s sales strategies and programs such as telemarketing, e-commerce marketing, multiple channels programs and lastly product line marketing.

Some of the e-marketing teams include carrier channel marketing, product management and lastly product relations. The carrier marketing provides a dedicated marketing based support to the various selected BlackBerry carriers which are thought to be instrumental in marketing the products such as smartphone. Secondly, the public relations team can help managing, executing and developing good relation plans with other companies and customers across the globe through using social media.

Web Design Analysis

Web design analysis involves development of web sites purposely aimed to enhance the level of marketing strategies and promotion of the locally made products. The BlackBerry company has taken a great step in advertising its products such as the BlackBerry Torch 9810 smart phone. In the website, the phone is defined as 4G phone. The phone is said to be highly effective in connecting to the Internet services such as Facebook and Twitter. The phone is light compared to the other and, secondly, it comes in different colours. The device is also described to be capable of with standing high temperature and damages whenever slips off.

The web is designed to show the different phones across the screen. This means that whenever you buy the BlackBerry Torch 9810 Smartphone, you will definitely receive a high quality product. The web site later provides a list of various whole sale locations of the phones across the globe. Lastly, they provide a six month guarantee to all customers who buy their products. With all this information, a customer may be highly confident to purchase various items produced by the company. This is how web sites are designed by the Internet technocrats for advertisement purposes. Customers must, however, be careful with the products displayed in these web sites to avoid purchasing substandard products.

Business to Business Analysis

This is one of the research disciplines that involves identifying various business needs before determining suggestion and solutions to the problem. Some of the solutions available include continuous improvement of the system, development of a new system or even organizing some changes in the strategic planning processes. The person tasked with this activity is called a business analyst. The analysts work mainly in developing online business activities, system analysis and developing other IT related activities. Some of the models used in the business analysis process include PESTLE which refers to political, economic, sociological technological legal and environmental aspects. The analyst must develop the Internet technology products in the BlackBerry company through proper analysis of the above mentioned issues. Secondly, the BlackBerry company should also consider the relation between itself and other companies. Some of this analyses will help the company to get to know its main competitors and how to eliminate them from the packet. Researches in Motion Limited changed some of the names in order to meet the organization mandates in a realistic manner. It is essential for any company to change its name to refresh the highly tarnished name. Blackberry is the new name used in the business reengineering process of marketing the BlackBerry 10 smart phones.

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The name switching process was engineered by the IT analyst who developed the website. The company name matches the product, hence it was expected to perform well in the market because BlackBerry products are highly demanded in North America. The Company had initially been performing poorly when compared to the Apple Incorporation I Phone and Samsung galaxy devices. The product will not only sell itself but also market the company name. However, the marketing assumptions made by the business analysts may not come into reality given that Samsung Galaxies are gaining quality confidence among the customers across the globe.

Social Networking Aspect

The BlackBerry company relies on some social networks developed locally or outside the company by others in marketing, upgrading and comparison purposes. One of the locally produced social networks is the path system which involves photo sharing devices and helps the company to market the products across the globe. In one occasion, the founder of the company was quoted saying that their long-term vision is to build a very high quality social network where all people can contribute without obstacles. In the networking process, the company has developed several I Phone based applications, website and android devices that compete with those of Samsung and Instagram.

The BlackBerry users across the globe update their information, place photos and other things in the phone Path. The company uses such details to learn about the customers and contact them for advertisement and retaining their loyalty. The Path system can save over 150 friends in every phone and access details for 150 clients hence a high connection level. At the same time the users feel more catered by the continuous updates provided by the company. However, the company is always keen to interact with its product users. It must ensure that they share information across all the inner circles of social life without any threat from the hackers. Through the user, the company can also obtain the user’s family and close friend’s contacts that help in extension of the social network.

Other social networks used by the company to market its Internet based products include the Facebook, Twitters, etc. The company posts several photos of their product which are later accessed by the users or their friends. Such Internet connections have been founded to boost the the company performance since adoption of the BlackBerry name.

On the race to use the current and future Internet technologies, there are several ways through which the company can hit and win the market. Given that the company faces a lot of market challenges from Samsung Company leading to its profits eroded down from as high as 23% to 15%. The Nielson Report on market share indicated that the company holds only 6% of the current smart phone market share. Some of the recommended solutions to the above mentioned problem include the following. Firstly, the company should improve the BlackBerry based hardware. Most of the customers claim that the BlackBerry device is frustrating because the touch screen system is not quick to respond. Secondly, the device should come with attractive early adoption facilities such as blue tooth health device protocol and the 4G networks. All these facilities should be included so as to match the rival product quality level.

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Secondly, it is recommended that the company should solve the Android application problem. The BlackBerry devices should be installed with free play book so that the users can freely download photos and other necessary entertainment things. Lastly, customers prefer those companies that produce amazing products overtime. The BlackBerry company must learn from their rival competitors, e.g. Samsung that creates numerous and admirable phone devices annually. No wonder they dominate the current galaxies market in Europe and Asia.


In the above analysis of the current and future Internet Technologies, the electronic business background based on theories and model such as porter fives forces model were adressed. In the process it is noticable that high competition among the electronic device producers have been hastened by the introduction of e-marketing. The companies are capable of attracting a lot of customers globally without any cost incurred. Lastly, it is evident that the BlackBerry company faces numerous changes with profits dropping from 25 to 15% hence numerous recommendations suggested to solve the market problem were given.