How to Make a Simple Meal for Breakfast for One Person


Making a single person meal can both be an enjoyable and taunting task depending on the kind of information that one has. Preparing a meal at home should be a task that one enjoys before going to work or even after work. It does not need to be too taxing on the part of the person making the meal because of the complicated requirements and ingredients. For this reason, preparing a meal commences at the time when one feels that he/she is hungry and need to eat something, and ends when the utensils and other tools used in the cooking are at their right places, cleaned, and dried up. It is vital for a person preparing a meal to have clear understanding of the steps involved in order to avoid time wasting. This paper discusses instructions on how to make a simple meal for breakfast for one person.

Instructions on How to Make a Meal

The first thing is to decide what the specific type of meal one would cook. The meal to be prepared should be realistic in terms of the time available for preparing it. For example, it will not be advisable to make a three our cook meal within a period of thirty minutes. The meal will not be well cooked. This is important because various meals take different forms of cooking and varied time. For a quick meal, simple foods such as eggs should be considered as foods that will take a shorter time to prepare.

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The meal to be prepared should be achievable. One should consider the time that he/she has for this process and decide which kind of food to make. Nevertheless, one has to be careful not to prepare a repetitive meal because it is the quickest to make. A person should find the appropriate time in his/her timetable to prepare a meal that should exclusively be used for this purpose. Sufficient time in meal preparation is not only good for a delicious meal but also ensures that the meal is well cooked.

One of the problems that most people meet while trying to prepare a meal is the indecision about the kind of meal that they want to make. The first thing is to have a menu of the meals that you want to have for each day. Ensure that the menu consists of a balanced diet meals. It should have proteins, carbohydrates, and vitamins enriched food irrespective of whether it is a breakfast meal, lunch or dinner.

The next important thing is to have the entire ingredients at home. This will save the time of having to rush to the shop to get the ingredients. The cutleries and utensils should be clean. Cleaning of utensils should be done after the cooking to avoid the task of cleaning them before one starts food preparation. It is common for most people to leave the utensils unclean, so that, they are supposed to be washed during the next meal. Such habits contribute to the task of preparing for a meal and may lead to poor preparations.

One must also ensure that he/she has a stable supply of cooking energy. Whether it is a gas cooker or any other, one has to make sure that the supply of energy would be sufficient for the entire process of cooking. Another consideration is the surface area of the cooking panels. Since this is a single person meal, the panel for cooking should be small for a number of reasons. The main reason is to preserve the energy. Large panels will require a lot of energy to heat up. Another reason is to reduce the amount of time that is required to clean them after the meal. One should use as few cutleries during actual cooking if possible.

One should arrange all the ingredients and the spices if any in place to be used in cooking and have the utensils and cutleries also arranged in one place to minimize the movement during the actual process of cooking. He/she should ensure to have enough water to clean his/her hands and to cook the food. Water should also be sufficient in case it will be required to be added in the meal during cooking. If it is a quick meal like scrambled eggs, one does not need the cooking clothes. However, one has to be careful not to spill the ingredient on the clothes.

One should then light up the source of energy and start preparing the meal with the inspiration. Do not forget to be careful and avoid distractions like reading a newspaper or watching a TV program while cooking. This will help avoid the possibility of the food burning. He/she should, in the initial stages, be keen to use the right ingredients and in the right amount.

If one is preparing a completely new meal, he/she may need to check occasionally with the recipes. However, if this meal was prepared before, one should avoid checking simple common details like when to add salt. This will help in ensuring that one concentrates on other things related to cooking such as proper placing of the knife or spoon. Recipe books should also be placed far away from the gas-stove to avoid causing fire. Then, one should boil or simmer the meal for the required time after which it is taken to the meal table for serving. One should be attentive to cook the meal for the recommended time and avoid overcooking or undercooking.

Additionally, one should not eat the meal while standing near the table. He/she should serve the food from the right place where one can sit comfortably and enjoy it. Since the cooking day is planned one can have enough time to sit and eat the meal without hurry. Taking food hurriedly poses a danger of choking and this can cause loss of appetite and even vomiting of the already ingested food. One should enjoy every moment of mealtime with other simple tasks such as going through the assignment or newspaper headlines. However, he/she has to be sure that none of these minor tasks takes up the place of eating.

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Finally, one should collect all tools used in cooking and clean them up in the sink or cleaning area. This should be a simple task and should take less than ten minutes. He/she should then dry up the tools and place them in the right order and place. This will ensure an easier time during the next session of cooking. Lastly, clean up the cooking area and ensure that the source of energy that was used in cooking is well locked up to avoid leakages in case of gas cookers and then move to the next item of your schedule.


The ability to prepare a mouth-watering meal is a skill that most people are lacking. Fast foods have become the norm in the contemporary world, as time seems to become very precious nowadays. However, this should not be the reason because the meals that people take have a direct impact on their overall health and the daily concentration that one gives to his/her work. Preparing a meal at home should thus be one of the most important and enjoyable tasks done in the house. Go ahead and enjoy a homemade meal today.