Grant Proposal


The national Poetry Month reading is an annual event that seeks to raise awareness and appreciation of Poetry in US. The annual event is celebrated every April since 1999. The theme of next year’s event is to help students increase their reading skills and encouraging Americans to make poetry a larger part of their lives. The event encourages reading a poem each day of the celebration. By the end of the event, we expect the students will have improved their reading skills by a grade or two levels and develop an attitude of reading two or more poems a week hence inculcating poetry into their lives.

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The downtown YMCA insists on charging $5,000 rent to the academy of American Poets in the National Poetry Month reading. It is due to this that the academy has decided to seek for another venue for the National Poetry month next year. The event is held every April and the academy cannot imagine what would happen in the event that the annual event is not held. The Academy’s Board has decided that most cost-effective way in reaching the largest audience possible is by use of Television and radio broadcasts rather than just holding the reading at YMCA. It is on tat backdrop that the academy decoded to apply for a grant form the National Endowment for the Arts to finance the reading.


The Academy of American Poets has estimated that many American students are at risk in reading performance in poetry due to several reasons including attention deficit disorder, learning disabilities, dyslexia, and or other language-based difficulties. Failure to attend and participate in this event, poetry, and by far culture in US is likely to be on its deathbed.


The availability of arts outside main cities and preservation of indigenous and regional cultures is a key focus in the National poetry month. However, to ensure that this is done, the event has to be informed to the public through media; TV and radio. NEA finances national initiatives that stimulate societal investments in programs like this nation wide poetry. However, to make this event gain nationwide acceptability the public has to be informed in advance and taught the essence of attending. Thus, the need of funding in TV and radio adverts.

Program Description

The celebration of the event involves different stakeholder across US. The academy creates and distributes over 200,000 posters promoting the event. These posters are emailed freely to teachers, booksellers, and librarians nationwide. The month presents several special events including readings and even the star-studded yearly Poetry and creative mind. On publicity, the academy sends press releases to media houses across the nation. Hence, several articles are carried in various newspapers, online media outlets, and magazines. It is also the role of the academy to play as the official clearing house for information and news on the event. The Academy provides a plethora of practical resources in celebrating the NPM, which includes tips for teaching poetry, creating poetry book displays in libraries or bookstores and even presenting poetry contest, reading and many more.

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The National Poetry month event is aimed at encouraging Americans to make poetry a larger part of their lives. This event will have attendance from people of all cities of US. Thus, much publicity will be indispensable in informing people for all cities. The broadcast on TV and radio is the intended form of publicity that will seek to stimulate community investments and cause nationwide public engagement. In achieving this, the Academy shall prepare a broadcast that it will distribute national and local media, journalists, and editors. The broadcasts shall have a welcome message to expected attendees and theme of the event.

Goals & Objectives

The goal of the National Poetry month is to underscore the extra ordinary legacy and achievement of great American poets. It also seeks to introduce more Americans to the pleasure of reading poetry. It is during such event that poets in America can be brought to public in innovative and immediate ways. To teachers and students it emphasizes on the Importance of making poetry key in the school curriculum. The attention paid to poetry by national and local media is increased through this event. It is also a good avenue when increased publication, distribution, and sale of poetry books is witnessed. American private Philanthropists ad public support can see an opportunity of funding poets and poetry.