Case on Nurse Practitioner who Facing a Stalking Crime


The following is a case study about Nancy, who is a nurse practitioner facing a stalking crime. This case study aims at analyzing the issue and providing the recommendations both to the victim and the clinic to develop the necessary measures in solving the problem.

Background Statement

Nancy, a nurse practitioner, has broken up with her boyfriend, Joe Jerque, who had difficulties with self-control. Due to his short temper and the way he got out of control so easily, Nancy recommended some counseling classes to her boyfriend. However, this idea did not bring any results. After a while, Nancy moved out of her boyfriend’s house with all her belongings, leaving none of her contacts.

Joe did not accept breaking-up, and during two consecutive nights he followed Nancy begging her to take him back. However, Nancy completely refused to renew the relationship. On the third evening, she found a note, in which Joe told he would never let her go until death and an envelope with a bullet on her car’s windshield.

Nancy reported the case to the police, and the security guard being a witness of the incident later informed the clinical administrator. The clinical administrator refused to take any measures claiming that it was a personal issue and advised Nancy to solve the issue with the help of the police. However, the nurse had doubts regarding the effectiveness of the restricting order and started considering getting a permit so she could obtain permission to carry a gun. She believed that it would help her to protect herself from the stalker.

Major Problems and Secondary Issues

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (n.d.), the major problem, in this case, is stalking and its possible consequences, posing a threat to the victim’s wellbeing.

The secondary problem in this case study can regard Nancy carrying a gun to work. Although it may seem a necessity for Nancy, this can cause problems to the clinic, resulting in lawsuits and loss of clients. In case a patient mistakenly finds the gun he or she can sue the clinic for endangering the lives of the patients, an attempted murder or even threats by a medical practitioner. Nevertheless, the case offers one more aspect to consider. It is the safety, security and wellbeing of the clinic’s employees, namely Nancy. If the stalker commits a crime within the clinic’s premises, then this would turn out to be the clinic’s responsibility. It would be a liability to the clinic.

The difference between the major issue and the secondary issue can be viewed in that in frames of the major problem, only one person is facing that particular problem. In this case, it is only Nancy who is being stalked. On the other hand, the secondary problems involve more than one party and may negatively affect the clinic, its patients, and employees. That is, if the culprit behind stalking commits a crime inside the clinic premises, both the clinic management and Nancy would be involved. In this case, the secondary issues can turn out to be major problems if not addressed appropriately.

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In this case study, the breaking up between Nancy, a Nurse Practitioner, and her boyfriend, Joy Jerque, is the cause of the stalking issue Nancy is being facing. During two nights, Joe begged her back into his life, but Nancy turned down the request. Joe got furious because Nancy turned down all his offers.

This refusal made Joe to start stalking Nancy since he always believed that they were meant for each other. For this reason, Joe sent Nancy a note together with an envelope with a bullet inside to force her come back. Instead, Nancy reported the issue to the police thinking that she was being stalked.

My Role

My role, in this case, will be that of a medical consultant who is supposed to give advice on how Nancy’s problem can be dealt with. As an external consultant, I do not intend to favor neither the clinic nor the stalked victim (Nancy).

In my position, I will seek to get sufficient information from both sides and thus come up with a helpful conclusion to the issue. A major disadvantage of my role is that the organization may choose not to accept my advice and devise their ideas for dealing with the same. Sometimes, the stalker may turn out to be a totally different person (Mullen, Path, & Purcell, 2001). In this case, my role can readily be discarded by either of the parties.

Organizational Strengths And Weaknesses

A major strength of this case is that Nancy had sought for counseling to save the relationship and help her boyfriend to take his temper under control. Nancy believed that it would save her broken relationship, but in the long-run, it did not work since her boyfriend, who had a short temper, refused help. However, professional assistance in this particular case could have yielded results either in saving the relationship or preventing Joe from starting a stalking behavior.

A weakness arising from the major problem is Nancy’s decision to move out of her boyfriend’s house without informing him. If she stayed to discuss her decision with her boyfriend and possibly work on the ways to improve their relationship, she might not have become a stalking victim.

One of the strengths of the clinic is the fact that it had a clear understanding and vision of the problem it has been facing. Possessing the necessary information is crucial in problem-solving. In this case, the clinic administrator advised Nancy together with the security guards (who had reported the incident to the management) that this issue was a personal problem. For this reason, the clinical administrator advised her to pursue further with the police and legal system since the hospital was not responsible for her safety once she had left the work.

The fact that the clinic does not guarantee its employees enough security is a weakness of the clinic. The lack of security workers and security supervision within the clinic’s premises constitutes a major problem in this particular case. Joe could not have gotten a chance to sneak into the clinic or would not dare to if the security guards or video surveillance had been present at the parking. The stalker could not have been able to sneak in with an envelope containing a bullet inside.

Alternatives and Recommended Solution

As a medical consultant, invited by Nancy’s employer to give advice on what Nancy or the clinic ought to do, I would recommend the following measures.

First of all, it is important for Nancy to consult a specialist in the matters alike such as a law enforcement officer or advocate lawyer. These professionals can give vital tips on the safety plans that she can undertake to deal with the stalker (Concannon, 2005). For the stalking cases, a victim can find the advocate in local rape crisis and domestic violence programs. Also, the victims of stalking can find assistance programs at local prosecutors’ offices and in law enforcement agencies.

Second, it is important for Nancy to keep the note and the envelope together with the bullet sent by the stalker. These items can be collected to act as evidence of this particular stalking crime.

Third, Nancy should understand that relying on close friends and family members is very important. It would help her be safe. According to Baum, Catalano, & Rose (2009), it also reduces the feeling of desperation and loneliness that she may be experiencing. According to the U.S Department of Justice (n.d.), Nancy should give her new number to her colleagues, and have them screen any of their incoming calls. In case the stalker shows up, they can report the issue immediately. It is the way that the clinic can alleviate the situation. Also, from its side, the clinic should introduce additional security measures on its premises to avoid any similar cases in the future and provide safety and security both to its employees and clients. Although the issue is a personal matter, any assistance from the clinic will be beneficial in the long run, raising the clinic’s reputation in the eyes of the public and preventing such problems.

The most feasible strategy that I can recommend is getting assistance of an advocate or any professional who is competent in dealing with stalking crimes to uncover the culprit. The advocate whom she chooses should be someone reputable in handling such cases. Nancy should do research and get a list of advocates, check their reputation, which can be easily done due to the customers’ reviews on their websites.

In this case, it is a right decision for Nancy to report the crime to the police. From there, the police have the responsibility of dealing the stalking issue. Although it is Nancy’s personal problem and not a problem to the organization that has employed her, any assistance from the clinic would be beneficial both to Nancy and the clinic.

Above and beyond what has been done, it is good for Nancy to cut any contact ties with Joe completely. It involves not allowing him into the clinic’s premises until the culprit is brought to justice. However, rebuilding her relationship with Joe would help her uncover who the real stalker is in case it was not Joe who had left the note(Mullen, et al., 2006).

It is undesirable for Nancy to carry a gun to the clinic. Someone else can mistakenly come into contact with the gun and accuse her of illegal activity. Thus, it would ruin her intended mission of protecting herself if the stalker showed up at the clinic (Hoskins, 2005).


Improvement of the security system in the clinic and its premises is the best option to be undertaken. Although it may cause additional spending, in the long run it will benefit the organization, its employees and the patients. One thing that can be used to measure that the organization has been able to curb the stalking crime is the reduction of stalking cases to the clinic. If the clinic realizes with time that the number of reported cases of stalking has gone down, then it can make a conclusion that it has the most effective security system put in place. According to Wattendorf (2000), effective security is an assurance that there are no intruders to the hospital premises.

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