Avis Brand Marketing

Avis Rebrands from “We Try Harder” to “It’s Our Space”

Avis is a car rental company that has in the recent past, dropped the 5-decade-old brand name “We try harder” to the new name “It’s our space.” The branding and name change has come in response to the increasing competition in the car renting industry and targeted at busy business travelers. This paper analyses the possible effects of the branding and name change.

The concept and logic behind this old name is that the company has put itself in second slot so that it has room for improvement.

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The name has a great goodwill since it has been in existence for 5 decades. Consequently, customers are able to have trust in the services of the company.

The tagline also gives the company an identity since it is unique and relevant to the business. However, retaining the name for too long is a sign of obscurity and obsoleteness.

It’s our Space

Changing to the new tagline has its advantages and disadvantages:

  • Rebranding is a sign of improvement in quality of service delivery. Customers are willing to experiment with the new services and thus attract more clients.
  • Avis Company targeted the busy business travellers hence needed rebranding since it was entering into a new line of business.
  • On the contrary, the new tagline is likely to take a long time for clients to adopt. It is also difficult to understand the services offered by the company since it is too general.


Although Avis Company did proactive branding, it failed to consider the goodwill associated with the old name. As a result, its market share in the rental car industry dropped. In my opinion, Avis Company will in the long run regain its market share stability as a result of the new tagline.

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