Why Custom Banners Are Powerful Marketing Tool?

These days, many people want to have their own businesses. It is highly important to conduct an effective business plan that will allow a person to make profit in the future. A clear plan and a perspective idea are only half of the success in business. The absence or presence of the start-up capital does not always play a decisive role in this case. It is essential to consider all the details and possibilities concerning the promotion of business thoroughly. It is almost impossible to succeed without competent advertising. Today, there are different methods of the promotion of a product or a service – via television, press, radio, Internet, and custom banners. Each of these variants has its benefits.

Why Advertising Matters

There are several steps that an entrepreneur should take in order to develop a prosperous business. Initially, a person should make a decision concerning the budget, which he/she is willing to spend on the promotion of business. Analyzing the case of big businesses, in which large amount money have been invested, it is important to note that entrepreneurs do not spare money on advertising. When starting capital allows it, a person can entrust this task to the professionals – the advertising agencies. They can ensure that the information about a company is noticeable in the public transport and media, on the posters in the city center, and on the walls of buildings. Talking about small business cases, when the start-up capital is rather limited, it can be claimed that a person does not have enough money to pay for advertising. Therefore, an entrepreneur should think about the ways of promoting business without external assistance. Nevertheless, it does not mean that inexpensive means of promotion are ineffective. Therefore, depending on the budget, an entrepreneur should choose the ways of advertising.

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Promotion on TV, Radio, and Press

Nowadays, there are numerous methods of advertising a product or a service. Chan states that “the available channels for the distribution of advertising messages have proliferated over the past decade. They include the traditional media outlets, as well as unconventional platforms for advertising such as applications on smart phones and various digital formats” (2017, p. 4). Nevertheless, traditional means of advertising are still highly widespread. At the moment, the most popular and accessible medium is television. The advertisers value it for the fact that the majority of people watch TV. Thus, this kind of advertising is oriented on the broad audience (Veerkumar & Jaiswal, 2015, p. 2015). However, it is quite expensive way of sharing information. It is highly costly not only to produce the video but also buy airtime. For small businesses, the best way is to use cable, local, satellite, and regional TV. It is connected with the fact that it is cheaper to transmit video via them. Nevertheless, it is necessary to take into account the geography of a product and a TV channel – they should coincide. In addition, the time of airing is of great importance for the effectiveness of TV advertising. It is essential to consider these factors for providing the efficiency of business promotion on TV.

For listeners, radio is the most important source of information. With the help of radio, advertising may promote a variety of products and services. People can listen to the radio everywhere. Ubiquity and a wide audience of radio stations allow advertising to reach a great effect. This type of advertising has several advantages, for example, efficiency, economy, and mobility. Nonetheless, it also has certain disadvantages, for instance, the lack of visual images. However, radio advertising can be one of the powerful promotion tools if one chooses the background sound, speaker’s voice, and advertising texts properly.



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The press is one of the most traditional ways to distribute information about services and products. It includes magazines and newspapers that can be paid or free, advertising or informative. Besides, there are local, regional, and national magazines and newspapers. The audience of this medium is highly appreciated since those who read newspapers are mostly educated people. Therefore, despite the existence of the Internet, advertising in the press is also widespread.

The Internet

In the hands of entrepreneurs, the Internet can be a great tool of the promotion of business. It is well-known that a web-site is regarded a face of a company. The more attractive the site is, the more customers want to use its services. If a beginner in entrepreneurship knows absolutely nothing about web development as well as SEO-promotion and does not even know how to present business on the Internet quickly, it is better to entrust this work to the professionals (Chan, 2017). Search engine optimization (SEO) is a totality of measures for the promotion of the site, which assists in putting it on the top of search engine results. It allows increasing the number of visitors searching for services and products through search engines and, hence, enhances sales. Besides the traditional promotion of a site in search engines, it is possible to use the display and banner advertising to attract buyers. In addition, this function is needed for making the brand recognizable. Today, many people develop their business through social networks. It is connected with the fact that they have a huge number of users. In the book Social Networking, the author states that “since 2000, hundreds of millions of people have joined social networks” (Hunter, 2012, p. 4). Thus, it is a great way of advertising. Certain people underestimate all the possibilities of social networks. Nevertheless, many entrepreneurs find their clients there. To do it, it is necessary to create a group or page advertising the services of a company. People can also advertise their services on specialized forums and sites. Free message boards on the Internet also help the entrepreneurs find their customers. Thus, the Internet is the best method to start and promote business these days.

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Custom Banners

Along with other forms of media advertising, custom banners on the Internet are extremely popular nowadays. It is mainly connected with the overall orientation of people on the visual market, which operates more efficiently than one containing only text. A colorful picture that attracts attention by its dynamism and accessibility of the message provides effectiveness and high quality of advertising. It is also important to note that custom banners can be placed not only on the Internet but also on the buildings, walls, and in other areas. In the book How to Rampage, it is stated that “Large-format designs spread over buildings, stages for music festivals, performance, social events, backdrops, athletic events, and almost everywhere else grab attention right away and leave a lasting, memorable impression” (Tur, 2011, p. 96). What is more, custom banners have additional advantages. They aim to reach large audience. Custom banners are remembered better than the text advertisements. In addition, they are appropriate and work on even non-thematic sites. Thoughtful allocation of banners helps raise profit, attract new customers, and increase the popularity of a company in a short period of time.

The Benefits of Custom Banners

As noted above, there are several advantages of banners in comparison with other ways of advertising. Its perception by a potential client occupies a longer period of time. Most people rather glance at the moving image than grasp the meaning of the text. In the book Online Advertising and Promotion, it is affirmed that “banners are easily customized for a special user, and since they are small in size, they can be loaded within a short time, thus attracting and entertaining the user” (Hanafizadeh, 2012, p. 72). Another benefit consists in the fact that this type of advertising is highly functional since it opens the links and throws the user on a feedback page, an order form or a registration form. Thus, custom banners on the Internet interact with such large-scale processes as portals development and the creation of sites. One more advantage of the above-mentioned advertisements is that visuals can increase brand awareness. Color symbolism of a company, its slogan, logo, and other key elements can be used in a banner. Furthermore, it is not expensive to use custom banners in advertising. For many people, the fact that custom banners are an inexpensive tool for advertising the products is crucial. It is important to note that E-mail marketing is in close conjunction with custom banners. A user clicks on a banner, and a window with an offer to subscribe to the newsletter is opened. These advantages prove the fact that custom banners are extremely effective.

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Today, there are a great number of various types of advertising. Therefore, a person has the right to choose the best variant for his/her company. With a wide range of means of advertising distribution, any organization or business have an opportunity to tell people about its activities. Furthermore, any individual entrepreneur can conduct a successful business campaign with the help of various available tools. The most popular ways of promotion include advertising on TV, radio, media, and Internet. Among advertising on the Internet, custom banners are considered a highly effective branding tool since they have a great number of advantages. One of the benefits consists in the fact that a moving image grabs people’s attention, and, thus, custom banners become highly noticeable. Therefore, many entrepreneurs prefer to use this kind of advertising.

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