Flyers are Important in Marketing

Advertising is considered to be a peculiar type of information transfer that has accompanied humans throughout their evolvement. From the very beginning, the notion of advertisement has been used to denote every kind of activity linked with the distribution of information about services and goods exploiting all accessible resources present in the society. The plurality of advertising tasks has generated a significant variety of its types, channels and means of distribution, variants of creation and other elements that turn advertising into a system. One of the most common forms of promotion is the spread of flyers and small leaflets.

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The Concept of a Flyer

Flyer is a small informative leaflet often made using bright juicy colors and used mainly as a handout in various promotional activities. Frequently, it is a kind of a free pass, an invitation or even an entrance ticket for an event. However, unlike the invitation ticket which is often nominal, a flyer is distributed freely and, as a rule, guarantees a discount when purchasing an entrance ticket, product or service. From time to time, organizers of different events can use flyers as lottery tickets that visitors can use to win some prizes. Additionally, it may contain brief information about the musicians or artists performing during the event, guests, the cost of entry for those having a flyer and without it, the time of the beginning and end of the party and its date.

To reach the set aims, specialists strive to make the design of the leaflets the most suitable for the occasion that will happen in order to attract the largest number of interested people in the shortest possible time. Thus, depending on what is advertised and what the target audience is, they can include only an image or contain various information such as a price or advantages of the products. Furthermore, they can be produced in color or black and white, on dense coated or thin blanket paper. Usually, flyers are printed only on one side, but they can be also designed on both sides. For special purposes, specialists sometimes apply minimal post-print processing (cutting, folding, creasing) to the material from which the flyer is made.



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The Main Principles of the Flyer Creation

Overall, flyers are an inexpensive and fairly effective form of advertising. As it has been already stated, they usually have the objective of informing about the service or play the role of invitations. Speaking about their shortcomings, it can be noted only that most flyers are discarded almost immediately after receipt, and there can be several reasons for that. Some of the main ones are the improper work of a promoter and incorrect choice of the place for distribution. However, a significant drawback is often a boring design.

Therefore, there are a number of subtleties that a designer has to take into consideration so as to achieve a good result (NextDayFlyers, 2013). Given that in comparison with many others, this is a cheaper type of advertising, various printing features are usually not available. Consequently, it is really hard to produce a design that will work flawlessly. Nevertheless, there are some basic rules for creating flawless flyers. Firstly, before the start of working on the design, the target audience must be determined. This will help to select the most appropriate style and presentation features of the advertising message. In addition, the flyer must draw attention; so, one needs to choose a good photograph or illustration. Moreover, a catchy and memorable headline is also one of the most important features that grant the effectiveness of advertising. It is vital to formulate the main message in a way that will turn it into a headline that will catch an eye of a person who gets it. The confusing title kills all interest to the flyer and accelerates its getting into the trash. In addition, the text of a flyer plays a vital role and has to be determined following the “What? Where? When?” formula. The information that does not answer the three questions will be superfluous. In fact, if individuals want to learn more about the service or product that is being advertised, they may be provided with a contact phone number or a website name where they can get all the needed facts on the topic. Besides, since the flyer often acts as an invitation ticket, it is advisable to indicate the benefit that it gives to its owner. It should be something that will force a person to put it in his/her pocket, and then, to come to an event. An example of this can be a free entrance, cocktail, or a discount on services. Obviously, such information must be visible. To sum up, creating a flyer involves certain principles that have to be followed to reach its aim and make it effective.

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Types of Flyers

The means of advertising under consideration can be divided into several kinds according to several criteria. To start from, depending on their tasks, there are two types of flyers. Some are rigidly tied to a particular occasion and are efficient only before it takes place. Others are effective for a longer time especially if they inform about some regular events, or if they give their holders discounts regardless of the day of shopping. Secondly, flyers can be divided into groups based on their purpose. For instance, there are informational ones that are designed to let people know about events, goods or services. Furthermore, discount flyers make it possible to exchange a flyer for a discount or a gift. Thirdly, there are several types of flyers regarding their polygraphic characteristics. In particular, they can be one-sided and two-sided depending on the amount of information that needs to be included. It is clear that the latter will cost the customer much more money, but sometimes saving on advertising is fraught with serious losses. However, it should be remembered that few people are willing to study a leaflet that they accidentally get for a long time and carefully. Therefore, there are flyers of various types that differ according to their objective and other features.

Advantages of a Flyer as a Type of Advertising

A flyer is said to be one of the most effective marketing tools that has many advantages over other forms of promotion. Firstly, they provide an instant result as orders from new customers often come on the first day of their distribution (Republic Holding, 2017). Of course, to reach such an outcome, they must have really effective design that has to be developed taking into account the main goal that is to heighten the interest of the potential client. Bright saturated design, nice pictures, short text will force an individual to open a flyer and get acquainted with its contents. Secondly, their production requires little money which is compensated in the shortest possible time (Republic Holding, 2017). Thirdly, flyers give a chance to reach out to the wide audience and attract new customers as they are everywhere (Republic Holding, 2017). They decorate the stands of shops and cafes; they are distributed on the streets, in undergrounds, and at metro stations. It is noteworthy that unlike advertising materials that are designed to hold a consumer, flyers often inform people about new offers. This means that they are able to attract individuals who have not been familiar with the goods or services described in the leaflet yet. Overall, efficiency, low price and the opportunity to attract new customers are the most important benefits of flyers as a form of advertising.

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Errors While Creating Flyers

As a flyer is a truly effective means of advertising that increases sales and reduces work and expenses, it is important to consider the most common mistakes made while creating it. The first error is using somebody’s own name or kind of business as a title (Kuraoka, n.d.). In this case, it is worth remembering that a flyer is an advertisement, but not a business card. Since customers are only interested in their own needs, it is very important to hit them with headlines which they cannot ignore as it addresses their requirements and desires. Another mistake is not personalizing somebody’s own business (Kuraoka, n.d.). It is important to mention the inherent skills, personal commitments or values because the more comfortable the individuals feel about the business, the more likely they are to become its customers (Kuraoka, n.d.). Passive closing is also a big flaw of a flyer (Kuraoka, n.d.). Instead of indicating the phone number or web site name that contains more detailed information, it is better to make an offer that will motivate a person to use a flyer. In general, all the mentioned mistakes and many others make a flyer less effective and, thus, have to be considered and avoided.

In the contemporary world, there are many printing companies which make flyers and call them an effective means of advertising. is among these businesses. It is one of the first printing companies in the US working online, and it was established in 2006 (, n.d.). It sells its products throughout the United States, and they include billboards, banners, and a lot of others for individual and commercial use (, n.d.). However, one of the most popular offerings of is custom printed flyers. In fact, flyers created by this enterprise are ideal for advertising special events, offers, promotions and other services among wide audience.

In conclusion, the advertising flyer is an important marketing and promotional tool the main task of which is to draw the attention of the target audience. It is a good supplement to other types of advertising, and in some areas, it is simply irreplaceable. Moreover, it is an economical and inexpensive advertising material which makes it perfect for mass mailing or distribution. Its production does not require large financial costs and is cheaper than other kinds of print promotional material. Today, it is one of the most popular advertising tools not only in the United States, but also worldwide.

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