“The Moon is Down” by John Steinbeck

Report on Book “The Moon is Down” By John Steinbeck

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The Moon Is Down” is a novel by John Steinbeck written in 1942. The book provides a story of the invasion of the foreign soldiers in small European town. The author does not provide the name of the town, as well as the period when the events occurred. At first, the town enjoyed peace due to the strong democratic climate. After the mentioned invasion, the citizens had to protect themselves from the strangers. The town was not at peace anymore. The book also introduces Colonel Lanser, who was the leader of the invaders. The Colonel met with the mayor of the town, Mayor Orden, and offered to cooperate by accepting invasion in a more peaceful manner. However, the Mayor rejected this proposition. The Major argued that the people had elected him, and he was ready to support them at all times. Besides, the Colonel appears to be a patient and reasonable man who allows the Mayor to stay on his position while explaining to him the sense of the invasion (McElrath Jr, Crisler and Shillinglaw 29). The Colonel expresses his superiority by forcing the residents of the town to work in the coalmines and ordering to ship all the resources to their homeland. Therefore, the book provides a comprehensive analysis of the fall of town following an invasion.

Personally, I am impressed with the conviction and bravery of the Mayor, who was ready to defend his people from the invaders. He denied the Colonel’s proposition to surrender. However, the Mayor was surprised that Mr. Correll, who worked as a shopkeeper in the town, had colluded with the aggressors before the invasion. I also learned that most invasions and attacks in towns usually involve a conspiracy of the residents. The act committed by Mr. Correll is a betrayal. “They have taken our country by surprise and treachery and force” (Steinbeck 56). The quote explains how the invaders applied force in dominating the town. Their actions lead to negative consequences in the town, including oppressive treatment and slavery of the people working at the mines.

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Most importantly, I appreciate the intelligence and commitment of the Mayor in bringing freedom to the people. In spite of being removed from office, he continued to work behind the scenes. He sends a message to England asking for the supply of dynamite for the protection of the citizens. Then, the British soldiers send parachutes with TNT and attach instructions on the usage of the explosives. According to Steinbeck, the soldiers of Colonel find few packages of the explosives notifying the Colonel. Soon after, the Mayor gets under arrest when Mr. Correll opens up that he might have taken part in the organization of the explosives supply. I think that Mr. Correll was not ready to repent of his betrayal. He also did not have a sense of guilty for his actions. This event leads to the destruction of the peace and democracy they had enjoyed before the invasion.

I also respect the town residents for their determination to stop the invasion and gain their freedom. After they received the explosives, they used it regular in the town. Colonel urged the Mayor to make the people stop the attacks. However, he refuses arguing that he cannot ask his people to stop fighting for their own freedom. The people also followed the sacrifice of their Major, who was not ready to give in to the blackmail and oppression of the invaders (Schultz and Luchen 43). They continued fighting for their freedom in order to gain victory. In summary, I think the book by Steinbeck is useful in gaining an in-depth understanding of the European revolution. I recognize the determination and consistency of the people in obtaining their freedom from the invaders.



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