“Little Black Book for Stunning Success”

Little Black Book for Stunning Success

The book “Little Black Book for Stunning Success” was written by Robin Sharma in 2011. In this book, Sharma teaches people how to become the real leaders and encourages them to believe in their strength. The author explains that a person’s special traits, but not objects determine the concept of leadership. Sharma mentions that his knowledge about this concept is based on the observations of great leaders whom he knows personally.

Leaders always say the right words. The author states that every individual can become successful, and it is significant not to fear this. To become successful, an individual should master his or her abilities every day. Sharma provides the examples of possible morning activities to make a day more productive.

Sharma states that unlike others, leaders do not search for people’s flaws. On the contrary, they try to see something nice and make use of it. He explains why people fail to become key players. Sharma calls for focusing on one task or job instead of making the life more difficult. He believes that only hard work on one task will eventually lead to the greatest success. He urges the readers to love the life and live it to the fullest; every minute is important.

Sharma suggests that the way an individual thinks affects his or her life. He also encourages people not to forget about their families. Sharma teaches them to value silence. He writes that enthusiasm and openness are the traits that determine a leader. Sharma points out that fear leads to growth. The author reminds that no money can constitute health; thus, it is significant to be careful of it since the young age. To conclude, Sharma proposes to do thirteen things to step on the path of leadership.


In general, the book has more strengths than weaknesses. Before reading it, I was little concerned that I could waste my time, but soon, I realized that the book was worth reading. This concern was connected with my previous experience. In most cases, the literature that teaches readers how to be a leader, earn a million dollars, make people do what you want and something similar, is boring. Basically, the reader has to read the full book which is not short, of course, to learn only two or three new ideas or concepts; other words are a wrapping for these two-three ideas. “Little Black Book for Stunning Success” surprised me, because it contained a big number of important ideas and few wrapping words.

Sharma conducts a dialogue with the reader, which is also the strength of this book. While reading, it feels like the author is close; therefore, he is to be trusted. Such tactics helps to better convey the ideas to the reader who starts thinking that he or she is acquainted with the author after reading twenty pages. Sharma reaches this outcome by adding comments on his own words and inserting emotions in some places.

As for the weaknesses of Sharma’s book, sometimes the author seems too excited. It may make the reader uncomfortable, because he or she wants to become a leader, not a member of a sect. The author is also too enthusiastic from time to time. For example, Sharma tells that everything is so easy, but this view does not seem to be close to reality. I also disagree that everyone can become a leader, because it requires a person to have certain traits, and not all people have them. Listening to the silence can make a person relax, but it will not make him/her smarter which is significant for becoming a leader.


According to Sharma (2011), “Too many human beings postpone living” (p. 17). This statement is very profound, and it is true. If to think about it, we live our life only once, so it is not clear why people keep living as if they are immortal. This phrase will remind me that I will not be alive forever. If I decide to improve something in my life and start finding excuses not to do it, I will remember this statement and do what will be better for me.

Sharma (2011) points out, “Dream big and your behavior will follow. Think small and you will play small” (p. 30). I am not the kind of a person who loves dreaming. I just live. Of course, I have certain plans, but they are not long-term – these are things that I can do in the near future. However, now I agree that dreaming is good, because it helps a person to do something daring, something that can turn the life upside down; from now on, I am a dreamer. Of course, I will dream about something more or less realistic, and maybe one day, this dream will come true.

Sharma (2011) states, “Health is your wealth. Without it, you have nothing” (p. 44). Sharma is right. He describes the situation when people forget about their health while trying to achieve something in life; however, when they become rich and get older, they start having problems with health. At that moment, they are ready to refuse from all money they have to become healthy again. These words make me realize that I also often forget about my health. For example, when I am ill, I keep doing something instead of resting. Now, I know that it is a mistake that can remind about itself when I will be older. I would advise to read this book, because it contains many points that can help a person to improve his/her life.

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