Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs is a legendary figure in the business world who presented perseverance of PC for simple users. In addition to computers, Jobs has created a computer-animated cartoon industry, gave the world legendary iPod, and finally, under his leadership, Apple introduced the iPhone Communicator. Steve Jobs has achieved a runaway success creating the best-selling personal computer, iPod, and iPhone that have become the most popular products of modern times.

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Steve Jobs’ life story and experience made a great impression on me and helped to develop my personal views on individual life and success. Thus, his success has shown to me the importance of personal talents and traits. He became a great inventor regardless his education and family status. The fact that he was an adapted child who was given by his mother to the foster family made him stronger than children living with their biological parents. He seems to grow a free child who was not dependent on his teachers and common standards. Although he showed curiosity from his childhood, he never wanted to study at school. In junior high, Steve was in a notorious group of hooligans who instead of learning the multiplication tables preferred to arrange troubles for their teachers. Steve Jobs did not graduate from college, which demonstrates that personal talents did not depend on the institutional affiliations where students often study to receive credits.



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When Steve Jobs was 12 years old, he telephoned William Hewlett, the president of Hewlett-Packard, on his home phone number. Jobs wanted to collect display frequency of electric current for school physics classroom, and he needed some details. Hewlett blurted out with Jobs for 20 minutes, agreed to send the necessary details and offered him a summer job at Hewlett-Packard. At school, Jobs was captivated by electronics and used to communicate with older boys. That is how he met Steve Wozniak, who later became his colleague at Apple. They constructed a Blue Box – a device that could play back signals at frequencies needed in order to trick the phone system and make free calls.

I am sure that Steve Jobs became such a talented and successful person due to his friends. Thus, Steve Jobs and his friend Steve Wozniak became the founders of Apple that was engaged in the production of computers of their own design. They presented Apple I that conquered users all over the world. Subsequently, they also developed a new computer Apple II, which made Jobs a multi-millionaire. Many people ignore the importance of personal connections with others, but they are rather valuable in the formation of personality. As for me, I try to communicate with people, because each of them makes the great impact on me. Therefore, my personal philosophy is the more people you know, the more life experience you can get.

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His extraordinary abilities were highly evaluated by the world community that continues to enjoy iPod till now. Under his leadership, Apple has become a leader in the PC market. It was sad news to me to find out that Jobs was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, known as islet cell neuroendocrine tumor. In 2011, the world lost Steve Jobs who died at the age of 56 years after seven years of struggle with cancer, leaving his customers without further innovations.

To summarize, Steve Jobs is one of the most famous computer designers in modern history, which has inspired me most of all. The fact that lacking any special education, he introduced personal computers and electronic devices that are in use all over the world and hardly have better analogues is rather surprising to me. Unfortunately, Steve Job’s premature death has slowed down future inventions.

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