Architectural Engineering Field

In all times, engineers were the most valuable professionals in different spheres of human life. It is clear that teamwork in the process of development of new projects is a key element. It is necessary for an architectural engineer to interact with other design professionals in construction projects to achieve success.Specialists work in teams; they should feel comfortable in various environments and situations. Different private corporations or governmental institutions are the engineer’s prospective customers, thus, mutual understanding is important.

Engineers in the field of architecture learn technical writing which involves two main competencies. The first one is an ability to understand technical language and the second is an ability to express one’s ideas and proposals in an appropriate manner. Workers are obliged to write status reports, lab experiments, trip reports, documentation on the site visits, and many other documents. Additionally, architectural presentations are an effective tool to turn client’s attention to the main statements as well as to the visual elements of the project (Bachmann et al.).

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In terms of communication in this field, it is important to keep in mind that engineers frequently find it difficult to formulate and express their technical knowledge to the audiences that lack technical knowledge to perceive this information. For instance, engineers must write reports with technical details to managers. This is often a problem since the latter usually have no clue about specific features in architecture. That is why it is even this technical profession requires excellence in public speaking and technical writing. With the purpose of professional development, people in this field learn orthographic writing, applied geometry, pictorial sketching, orthographic projection, dimensioning, and sectional view.Consequently, students master computer-aided drafting, constructions techniques, building principles, and ways to make a right shape of the project in terms of writing (Sloan Career Cornerstone Center).



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There are also documents and presentations that are the part of engineering job, because various stakeholders are present at each stage of the project evolution. For instance, there are implementers and downstream designers (Bachmann et al.). An architect should provide ‘marching orders’ to them. Integrators and testers are involved as well to correct the black-box behavior and coordinate the pieces to fit together. Additionally, technical managers use the basis for forming the development teams to work with corresponding assignments (Ballegu and Mpagalile). The following colleagues of an architect are project managers. Architecture specialists provide the allocation of project resources, tracking of the process by specialized teams, and work breakdown structure (Ballegu and Mpagalile). In addition, specialists provide protocols and allowance documentation for the set of operations required.

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Architectural engineering is a field of knowledge dealing with many different areas and it is possible to conclude that experience is an extremely important part of this profession. In terms of the features of the specialty I described in the assignment, it is impossible to evaluate myself. Architecture engineering as a field of knowledge is too broad to be self-assured. However, without proper practice in this area, I feel there are many new insights and skills, which should be developed. Particularly, it is important to evolve my language skills and communication talent since I am an international student. It is not enough just to remember all of the information given at classes, because an ability to apply techniques, modern tools, written and oral communication as well as to conduct standard tests play greater role in this sphere. To my mind, perfection does not have a limit.

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