APA Format in Essay Writing

APA Format in Essay

In case you received the task that involves dealing with APA essay format, it can be a very confusing challenge if the formatting styles you used before were different. Thus, before starting to write, you will need to look through the ground rules and learn how to write an APA essay format in the first place. It would be helpful to find an example of APA essay format to have a visual understanding of how your work should be organized. In addition, the overview of formatting rules in this article will be a useful aid for your writing.

APA writing format was developed by the American Psychological Association, and it remains one of the most common and popular formats used in custom essay writing. Like with any other formatting style, an APA formatted essay means that formatting and referencing follows the requirements of the American Psychological Association. Before you create and submit an APA format paper, you should definitely get familiar with the principles of APA formatting and style. You need to know how to develop your headings and references correctly and what types of grammatical and punctuation structures are allowed in APA writing format.

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What is APA Format Essay?

The main thing to know is that APA rather easier than MLA, and eight out of ten papers are developed in APA writing format. If you want to know what APA format for an essay is, look at the example below:

In-text citation: (Benjamin, 2009). Reference: Benjamin, B. (2009). Coping with stress in the workplace. New York: Wiley. ISBN 124140588.

Writing in APA format means that you will use one inch margins on all sides your paper and double space it throughout. All APA formatted papers must be written in Times New Roman, 12 point. Almost always, your page numbers should start on the title page. If you have difficulties formatting your essay in APA, buy cheap online APA formatting support. Our experts will help you develop a perfect APA format essay on Economics and Law at the most affordable price.

The first question you must be having is what makes this format different from other formats, and if the essay format APA really is that different from essay format MLA. If you look at one of the available essay examples in APA format you will see that the font and general text placement is the same as in other styles, but the referencing nuances and some minor formatting settings are different. In general, this style has the following properties:

  • Font: 12 pt., The Times New Roman
  • Margins: 1 inch each
  • Spacing: Double
  • Every page contains a header with the paper title

Importantly, in an APA essay format, heading is placed in the center, should be boldface and have an uppercase for the start of every word. Subheadings are all the above mentioned, but aligned to the left. As for the header, it should be in all capital letters, placed on the left, and contain no more than 50 symbols; the header has to be present on every page, including abstract and list of references. As a rule, no footnotes or endnotes are used with this style.



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Specific Essay Types

Although the formatting rules are applicable to all the works, you cannot just download an APA format essay template and fill it in with your information. The thing is, every type of assignment has its unique structure, which is reflected in the way they should be formatted. The subtle specificities of different types of student essay are analyzed below. We have addressed only the most spread types of assignments, including narrative essay, interview, compare and contrast essay and persuasive essay. In case you are looking for an explanation on how to write a research essay in APA format, you can get a general idea from this overview and search for more details in the official APA style guide.

Narrative Essay in APA Format

If you need to compose a narrative essay in APA format, remember that the numeration of pages will start from 2, as the title page is counted but not numerated. Duplicate the title of your paper to the Page 2, although it is stated on the title page already. Narration is usually a solid text that is not divided by any sections, which means that no additional formatting tips are needed here. In case something is not clear, a good idea would be to download a narrative essay in APA format example and see how it is done.

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Interview Essay in APA Format

If you are wondering how to write an interview essay in APA format, there are some basic aspects for you to focus on. First of all, personal interview do not count as references, so no need to include them in the list of cited works. Secondly, put every phrase of direct speech in quotation marks. Finally, name the participants of the interview at the beginning of your paper. In fact, for an assignment like this, using an interview essay format APA template would be reasonable, and it would definitely save you a lot of time.

Compare and Contrast Essay in APA Format

It would be logical to assume that the formatting rules for this type of essay are the same as for APA narrative essay format; however, since the structures of these papers are different, there are some variations possible. While narrative essay is in the form of uninterrupted text, compare and contrast essay may contain several sections. To write them correctly, remember to keep up with the proper APA heading format for an essay: the title is not bolded, but the future headings and subheadings are. To make sure your work is well-formatted, you can always find a compare and contrast essay APA format example online and see how it can be written properly.

Persuasive Essay in APA Format

A persuasive essay will most probably include lists and sets of ideas, which allows to use bullet points. If numeration is needed, use a number with a stop and put a stop at the end of each point. To list some items within a sentence, you can use letters, putting them in scopes. No capitalization of letters is required. To check if everything is done correctly, you can look through essay examples in APA format that are available at studying websites.

APA Essay Outline Format

Besides the main body of the paper, there are other parts of your work that need to be paid attention to, such as reference list, abstract, title page and outline. An APA essay outline format should comply with the principles of APA essay heading format, mentioned earlier in this article. The title of your paper should be a header in the top left corner of the page, with all letters in capital. The main chapters of the outline are numerated with Roman numbers, and every word of the title starts with a capital letter. After the title of the chapter, put a colon and proceed with the subheadings, which should be numerated with Arab numbers. Any further subheadings are to be numerated with small letters. All in all, APA formatting implies a multitude of nuances, but the good news is that all the information that one may lack is free and available instantly nowadays. The full explanation of formatting requirements can be found in the official APA style guide, and for the general overview, you can use our article.

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